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Collecting seashells on the beaches of Sanibel, Captiva and the world

Where Is Pam?

Hi there!  Captain Brian here delivering a message from Pam.

 “Thanks Capt Brian! We are just getting home from our secret vacation spot but here’s a photo of our vacation shells. I’m doing a contest on the iLoveShelling facebook page and there were some great guesses but I’ll give yall a chance to guess where we are here too in case you don’t do facebook.  This is the first photo………”

and now the second photo….

We sure had such good luck shelling so we’re passing on the luck with a chance to win a few of our vacation shells! It will take a little while to recuperate so Captain Brian will still take care of yall until then”


  1. Wowie! I would say for sure you went to… Shell Heaven!

  2. I haven’t been on Facebook so I don’t know what others are guessing. But I am going to say the Virgin Islands.
    And just like Susan says it looks like shell heaven. With all those rocks I am amazed at the spiny shells you are finding.
    Thanks for thinking of us while you’ve been away. Capt Brian has taken good care of us. We want you to relax and think of only yourself ( and maybe Clark…tehee ) while you are gone

  3. my guess is somewhere in FL, as I believe those are FL shells.

  4. Great shells!!!! :)

  5. Phillipines or Vietnam? Wherever she is- I am jealous:-)

  6. I’m guessing Mexico!

  7. I’m guessing Belize. And you went snorkeling on the reef!

  8. Thailand~ West Indies ~Myrtle Beach, South Caroilina, ~ and Sanibel Island, FL have all hosted Cabrit’s Murex… so my guess is one of them….. I almost said Costa Caya…. but haven’t ever read about finding the Cabrits there…decided to go with the above…
    Cathy B… can’t wait to hear the shell stories!

    • Myrtle Beach? We’re going there in July…do you know what kind of shells we might find there? Been wondering. Anyone know? Cap’n Brian?

      • You will not find shells like that at Myrtle Beach. You may find whelks, conch shells, slipper shells, scallops, baby’s ears, augers, olives, and sand dollars. You may even find some shark’s teeth. The shelling at Myrtle is not particularly good unless there is some dredging going on. Good luck in your endeavors.

  9. am so curious as I was thinking about and looking at those shells and many of them can also be found in the gulf coast islands… and some around Marco … its the large rock formations that have me puzzled more than the shells! It will be fun to see where you and Clark went Pam!

  10. My guess is the Dominican Republic. Great color and pattern in those shells!
    Enjoy the rest of your vacation.

  11. My guess is West Indies. My favorite shell.

  12. Definitly somewhere in the Caribbean. Wherever it is, it’s MY next vacation spot!

  13. Not Florida shells. And Florida doesn’t have rocks. I’m going to guess the Phillipines.

  14. Great shells Pam !!!! So glad you & Clark are taking some time out to relax … we all need that every once in awhile ! Gonna change my guess on where you 2 found the awesome shells to Thailand . And a big THANKS to Captain Brian for filling in , really enjoyed his post ! Going to have to book a shelling trip with the Capt. for sure .

  15. I would guess the West Indies. Love your website.

  16. I”d guess you”re in the keys . Great shells!!

  17. How about Rocky Point-Puerto Penasco, Mexico?

  18. I’m going to say somewhere in Central America!

  19. Mexico? Well all I know is that I need to go shelling there…I bet you were smiling so big when you found those!

  20. I am gonna guess Bangkok, Thailand?

  21. I believe you are in FL in the keys!

  22. Sea of Cortez mexico

  23. Err… i’m guessing somewhere in Tropical Asia or Australia. The Shells are somewhat similar to what we have here. Spiny murex, babylon whelk, common sundial… Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Cairns, Cebu, Mauritius? Just guessing but the shells are amazing!

  24. Puerto Rico? Gorgeous shells!!!

  25. I hope you arranged a kickback form the tourist council of whereever you gathered your shells– because you know we will all be following in your footseps because we LOVE shelling!

  26. i would say that u r in the Phillipines.
    (No mountains in Fl)
    those shells are sooooooo beautiful, especially the cones!

  27. Okay, I know where you were…does that mean you’ll share some shells because I’m not repeating it???

    • Lol… Sherri from MN

      • Sherri where in Minnesota are you from. I live in Eagan a suburb of St. Paul.

  28. Cabo?

  29. I say Tortolla.

  30. I’m going to guess somewhere in California.

  31. Have a great vacation, Pam and Clark!! Can’t wait to find out where you were and see your shell pics when you return!! :) Sherri from MN

  32. Did you visit the Galapagos Islands off Equador?

    • I don’t think the Galapagos. There is wonderful shells and sealife there but you are not to take any of it. Knowing Pam she would follow the rules. The Galapagos is a wonderful place and I hope it stays the way it is now.

  33. Welcome home, Pam and Clark. Glad you had a nice time and I’m looking forward to your hometown posts. Capt. Brian did a great job. I especially liked that he posted photos of the Royal Poinciana tree and told us a little about it.

  34. Is it somewhere in Hawaii?

  35. I’d say in Mexico (not Puerto Penasco, no big rock formation like that) how about Guaymusor even Pacific side of Cabo.
    I have many of the shells in my own collection. Gathered from many years “looking down”. How I evny you –
    We did the Panama Canal trip and never saw a shell on any beach!!!

  36. entering a new guess – after studing all the background we now think it is in Costa Rica.
    Janet & Jeff

  37. I am so jealous. You found some marvelous shells. Wherever you were it looks like you had a great time and found a treasure trove of shells. I just love them.

  38. such great finds!!!I believe you were in the west Indies……soooo pretty!!!I am back in Mass now and miss the beach so much….Thank you for the instant shell memories!!!You are the BEST!!!

  39. St. Barts. That is the only other place I’d like to go to look for shells.

  40. Thailand. So nice of you to share. Hope you had an amazing time.

  41. I think Costa Rica!
    Next time, don’t you think you and Clark need a chaperone???? One that would stay out of the way, be at your beck and call and the rest of the time spend on the beach. I could even guard your shells for you…….. :)

  42. I’m guessing when I look at these shells that it’s in the Indian Ocean around Indonesia.

  43. somewhere in the pacific islands like in micronesia or polynesia (im sure my spelling is off) lol

  44. I say you two are definitely in the Philippines, possibly Samar?

  45. Another vote for Cabo!

  46. My guess: Indonesia !

    Spectacular shells!!! & do you rent out ur home while u r on Vaca??
    Still looking for a great rental so I can collect more shells!!

    Keep shelling everyone!!

    Mary Ann

  47. Other guess was Phuket, Thailand. Looks like James Bond scenes from “The Man with the Golden Gun”. :-)

  48. My guess is the shells are from the India Ocean. Taiwan?

  49. My guess is somewhere in the Bahamas!!! Beautiful shells!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the cones! Wherever you were, it was fabulous shelling! Hope you had a wonderful time & had a chance to relax! Which clearly you did, by the number of shells you brought home!! See you in October, perhaps!

  50. Fiji. No reason, just a guess and it sounds like a neat place to visit.

  51. That Spiny Murex makes me think you’re in the Philippines.

  52. Thailand. I found shells like those there. Some great shelling beaches in Thailand.

  53. Costa Rica

  54. My guess is Costa Rica! It looks awesome!

  55. Thailand is my guess. Beautiful Venus Comb

  56. The Maldives

  57. or fiji or the florida keys

  58. My guess is that Pam vacationed in the Indo-Pacific, perhaps in the Philppines.

  59. I don’t have Facebook, but I’m going to guess Maldives, Raj Ampat, Fiji, or the Florida Keys. I’m guessing again because I pu the wrong e-mail in the first time…tee hee….whoops!

  60. We think you went to La Ceiba Honduras. You found some great shell treasures!

  61. I guess…the upper west coast…Washington, Oregon, northern California. Hope you had a fabulous time!

  62. My guess is St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands

  63. Looks like Cabo San Lucas to me. I love shelling the beaches in Baja! Hope you had a lot of fun! – Betty

  64. Looks like it could possibly be St kitts or Nevis, just guessing by those hilly spots and amazing shells wherever it is hope you had a wonderful time!!

  65. I say somewhere in the South Pacific between New Sealand and the Philippines. Could be Figi but probably Tonga.

    • That was New Zealand not New Sealand.

  66. I think it is Thailand

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