A wagon full of shells – WOW!

Tulips and one True Tulip

A table of shells.


Colorful Scallops

2 Pieces of Lions Paw on 2 Separate Days – BIG WOW!

Look at all the Horse Conchs.

Color Your World With Scallops – Tray 1

Tray 2

Tray 3

Tray 4

Basket of Fighting Conchs

Look at these Buttercups!

Simply Beautiful!


Tools of the TRADE

After the SUPER MOON, I heard that my friend Alison had collected A LOT of really good shells.  It was not until I talked to her a week later when I realized by the tone of her voice that I really needed to go look at these shells.  WOW!  She shelled for four days after the Super Moon.  All the shells in these photos were collected during these four days of fabulous shelling.