Best-of-Seashells-2010Happy New Year!

2010 has been an amazing year to experience such beauty of our beaches and seashells on these tropical islands of Sanibel, Captiva and our gulf coast. While thinking of the fun adventures we’ve had this year, I started looking back at this years posts and found myself smiling at so many fond memories. I tried to choose just a few of my favorites but I couldn’t make my list any smaller than 10 posts. Starting at #10 and working my way to my #1 fave post…. so here ya go…..Click on each picture  or title to see the post to understand why I chose it.

#10 Sunrise Shelling On Sanibel

Sunrise shelling on Sanibel

Sunrise shelling on Sanibel

#9 Angels On The Gulf Coast

False angel wings sea shells drb

Angel Wings on the Gulf Coast

#8 On Top Of Shell Mountain

On Top of the Shell Mountain

On Top of the Shell Mountain

#7 Coquina Cover Up

Coquina red

Coquina Red

#6 Seashells Under The Rainbow

Seashell Cherub

Seashells Under The Rainbow

#5 I Found A Big One

12 inch whelk shell

I Found A Big One

#4 Auger Art

Auger blue

Auger Art

#3 The Cockle Hop

Cockle shell

Cockle Hop Video

#2 Cownose Ray Video

manta ray youtube pic

Cownose Ray Video

And Now for the #1 iLoveShelling post of 2010…… Drumroll Please! …..

#1 Wentletrap Trapping Video

Wentletrap shelling

Wentletrap Trapping Video