On Top Of Shell Mountain Video

On Top of Shell Mountain

On Top of Shell Mountain

The shells are still rolling in on Captiva at Blind Pass!

Lace Murex on shell pile

Lace Murex on shell pile

The shells are beauties. This little LACE MUREX was just perfect.

Seashell beach on Captiva Island, Florida

Seashell beach on Captiva Island, Florida

I didn’t have long to hang out on the beach but it was enough time to see that we might be able to enjoy this shell mound for weeks digging through every inch.

Blogger Maria from Endless Sunner

Blogger Maria from Endless Sunner

I was tickled to meet seaglass jewelry artist / blogger Maria from Endless Sunner. She was snatching up WHELKS, TULIPS and CONCHS. Hmmmm. I wonder if we’ll see some of her found shells in her jewelry pieces soon. I bet we do!

seashells gulf waters Captiva

seashells gulf waters Captiva

Shelling for horse conchs

Shelling for horse conchs

This guy (I didn’t even get his name! Sorry Dude, I was too overwhelmed) is holding a bright orange HORSE CONCH he just picked up. This is only one of five horsies that he found along with several CONES (ALPHABET and FLORIDA). I found two horsies too.

Shell lines with water

Shell lines with water

Shells water jetty

Shells water jetty

Junonia seashell part

Junonia seashell part

Awwww. Only a piece of a JUNONIA. I heard that someone found TWO yesterday.

Seashells line the beach

Seashells line the beach

You get a better idea of what this shell mound piling up looks like on this video. I didn’t do any fancy editing or music… it’s raw excitement of seeing so many shells. I almost dropped the camera going after this ZIGZAG FLAT SCALLOP . Hope you enjoy, wish you were here!YouTube Preview Image

PS- I’m so looking forward to the golf cart parade and luminary this weekend! I’m still working on my “float”. If you haven’t heard what going on this weekend, CLICK HERE or the picture below.Captiva Holiday Village


  1. This is just insane! Just crazy! Does this happen a lot? I’m just tickled to find a perfect agate or sand dollar at our beaches — this is amazing.

  2. Lynn Waller says:

    i just watched the video, i am really hoping that someone can tell me the best time to shell there? is there some kind of stuff i can read on this? I love collecting shells, but this i have never seen this much in one place. oh gosh, i need to go there!!!!

  3. gail says:

    Over dozens of trips, I’ve been there (only) twice for a shell mound, it’s where I found my (only) junonia and tons of the flat zig zags, which were flying up like frisbees. Fingers crossed for another mound the next time I visit!

  4. pam says:

    Amanda and Lynn- This just doesnt happen every day. We have shells most of the time on the beaches. We haven’t had shells piled up at Blind Pass in months….. and it hasn’t been like this in a while. That’s why we are soooo excited! It’s like a gift of the sea. If youclick on any link in the categories section on the left ( you can click on Blind Pass under Captiva header- to see pictures of how it changes), you’ll see different things wash up with the tides at any given time. Also look at the FAQ up top this will help too.

  5. I was thrilled to be there to experience this shell mound. Amazing! Good to meet you, Pam! (and you’re right, some of the shells will make their way into jewelry designs…) ~ Maria :)

  6. Christine Kieffer says:

    Wow Pam, that is really amazing! Where on Captiva was this? on which side of Blind Pass? Near the jetty? Sanibel side, Captiva side? near the Mucky Duck? the bayside? Looks like one could just plunk themselves down with a shovel and have at it for quite awhile. I got a kick out of the video especially when you got so excited by finding that flat scallop, LOL, looked like you almost dropped the camera! Have a great time exploring all the possibiities.

  7. Andrea says:

    You’re killing me!

  8. anna lemons says:

    I’ll be there in mid January and I sure hope I find a mountain of shells waiting for me! I’m counting down the days……

  9. Bird says:

    Really enjoyed that video, Pam, especially the part where you were so excited to find the zigzag!

  10. Sheri says:

    In all my visits I’ve never been lucky enough to experience a shell mound like that at Blind Pass. It’s killing me!!! Enjoy it!!!

  11. Lee Garrett says:

    Wow, I was “shelling” in your video!! That zig zag is perfect – Great find. That piece of Junonia is saver.
    Wish we were there!
    Lee & Bill

  12. Terri Varga says:

    Oh man, if I were there it would be like I died and went to heaven !!!!!!!!!!

  13. Judy says:

    Thank you for sharing your video and some more pictures – loved them. I could easily see spending most of the day on that shell pile! If I got too tired from the stoop, It looks like I would be happy to plop myself down anywhere on that shell pile for awhile. Wish I was there. So glad you and others are finding great shells.

  14. Barbara says:

    Wish I was there! I could spend an entire day just sitting in the middle of the shell pile sifting through! Maybe next year I will be able to get back to Sanibel. Until them keep the pictures and videos coming!

  15. Lynette says:

    OMG!!!! What FUN!!!! (all I can say!)

  16. This is cool. I wish I could be there. I would love to collect some of those shells. This is unique, we have nothing like this on Northeast near New York. We only have huge clam shells, oysters and mussel shells. Your video is very informative.

  17. laurie says:

    Oh my goodness!!!!! I’ve been vacationing on Sanibel/Captiva for 20 years and have never ever seen this amount of beautiful shells! Unfortunately, it’s always in March, so I’m sure they’re all picked over by the time I get there. :) What a fun day you all must’ave had! I envy you!!!!!

    I’m your newest follower – not only because I love shells, but I LOVE seeing photos of my beloved Sanibel/Captiva! :)

    xoxo laurie

  18. laurie says:

    Ok….my hubby and I just sat here together on the sofa watching your video………………with our chins on the floor! We could NOT believe what we were seeing! I wouldn’t have wanted to move my feet for fear of crushing some perfect junonia!!!!! lol! Thanks for the awesome footage, Pam!

    xoxo laurie

  19. Rowena Zylali says:

    But are all those sea urchins and sea starts dead? Will they revive during high tide? I know that people are collecting them, but how do they make sure they aren’t accidentally (illegally) taking living creatures?

  20. Phil T says:

    LOVE your videos and website from frigid NE Massachusetts. Brings back many fond memories of family vacations on Sanibel in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s BEFORE they built the bridge (took a car ferry to the island)! Our family spent a weekend there one February after a large storm at low tide. I was very young then, but will never ever forget that experience. The beaches were covered with shells all the way to the high water mark, and very few people on the beach, or on the island for that matter. Those shells have been in my living room for more than 50 years, including an enormous alphabet cone in pristine condition!. Your web site has prompted my wife and I to plan a shelling vacation on Sanibel this year, perhaps in the off season now that we are retired. Thanks again for your lovely pictures.

  21. Linda Kinney says:

    I’ve shelled here so many times! It just amazes me. I can do the stoop for hours and do!! This is my favorite shelling area, here at blind pass. And like you’ve shown, you can different ones on Lighthouse Beach. We’ve loved it so much in this whole area, we bought a place in Ft. Myers! The swimming is pretty good here too once you come up out of the “trench” just off the beach and get up onto flat sand. Love to bob around out there on my noodle!! But after the first year, I found you DO need swim shoes of some kind to walk across these shells!!!!

  22. Evelyn Ferguson says:

    What months seem to be the best to come to Sanibel, Captiva and Blind Pass. I live 24 hour drive from there so, I just do want to come and be totally disappointed. Is it possible to find a marbled cone shell? or even leopard shell.

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