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Tropical Storm Andrea Brings Seashells To Sanibel!

Tropical Storm Andrea blew through Southwest Florida this week without stirring up too much ruckus.. other than seashells and Beach Bling! It was a sheller’s playground at Lighthouse Beach on Sanibel Island, Florida. Sara...

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Saving An Octopus

Rhonda picked up this OCTOPUS on Monday at low tide and walked it to the water to help him survive. This past Saturday, I saw several octopuses washed up on the beach at low tide too. Here’s a video of one of those poor...

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Octo Mystery Solved

Thank you, Claudette, for sending this new picture to us to solve the LION’S PAW- PEN SHELL mystery on my previous post Octopus in the Dark. It’s a pen shell…not a lion’s paw (agree?). Claudette wrote...

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Octopus in the Dark

Claudette had heard that Sanibel was the happening spot for shellers and she wasn’t disappointed when she was here in April. She and Karen found this OCTOPUS on the beach at night and said it was the talk of the beach for...

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Still Waiting

I’m hoping this is the calm before the storm. Ida is now a tropical depression and has exited the Gulf of Mexico. She never came close to Southwest Florida but I’m not giving up hope that shells were stirred up and are headed...

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