Pygmy Octopus close fingers

I had just gotten on the beach at Blind Pass Captiva when I heard an “Eeeek!”.

Pygmy octopus tentacles

It’s an OCTOPUS!

inside pygmy octopus

I ran over to see Logan showing his family a cute little PYGMY OCTOPUS hanging on to a FIGHTING CONCH.

pygmy octopus sanibel

Did you know that a PYGMY OCTOPUS is a mollusk? Yes! It’s related to the animals that create all the beautiful shells like clams and gastropods (WHELKS and CONCHS) but does not have a shell itself. It is in a class called Cephalopod. If you want more info, I found a really good source at The Cephalopod Page- Click Here.

captiva octopus pygmy

If you didn’t see my video of baby OCTOPUS eggs hatching in April, you have to see this…CLICK HERE! It’s a sight I will never forget.

pygmy octopus florida

This is Logan learning all about how cool live OCTOPUSES really are in the wild.

logan pygmy octopus

He got to share this with his whole family- Poppy, Gramma, Julie (the one who “Eeeeked! LOL), Jayden, Eric, Logan and Dylan. He then gently put it back in the water after saving it from being on the beach.

Captiva beach family Florida

 There were a few shells to pick through on the sand bar jutting out from the Captiva side of the pass.

Captiva florida shell beach

There was a pile of semi fresh shells on the right side of the jetty rock too.

shell pile blind pass captiva florida

 Ohhhhh. A piece of JUNONIA!

piece of junonia

 And a little piece of a LION’S PAW…

piece of lions paw

 Get ready to click on the next photo for some CYBER SHELLING!

cyber shelling captiva

 This weekend may bring some really good shelling but don’t forget if you are in town to come by and see us at the Captiva Holiday Village golf cart parade on Saturday at 3 pm. It’ll be so much fun!

Sanibel to captiva photo