When life hands you a variety of beautiful seashells to look at… pick them them up to feel and see their differences.
Be curious about the entire beach. You just might find something extraordinary like spotting SEA TURTLE tracks from a female LOGGERHEAD who dug her nest to laid her eggs the night before. We witnessed conservation volunteers putting a fence around the nest to protect it. Then of course jump in the water! 

We had such a fabshellous time on our iLoveShelling adventure! There’s nothing better than hanging out with a boat load of other passionate shellers exploring the beach together.
Everybody finds different treasures that make the day happy. And to top it off with a blue sky and clear turquoise water… how does it get better?
It’s the wonderful people we get to meet on a trip like this. As beachcombers, we are not only touched by seashells and the sea but we are touched by others who are drawn to the sea.