The month of May could be my favorite time of the year on Sanibel. The weather is warm and sunny but with a few sweet tropical showers to water the plants and make the wildlife happy. We also get a little relief from the traffic so it makes life extra special to visit with friends, go shopping and explore the islands without worrying about parking. But this also means that I don’t open my computer as much so please forgive me for not posting sooner about our shellovely iLoveShelling Adventure day on Big Hickory Island with Sight Sea-R Cruises.

It was pretty spectacsheller!

The month of May brings out the nicest of shellers…

Jennifer found an alphabet cone and some other nice treasures and later that day she found a JUNONIA at the Lighthouse. Shellzam! Maybe it was your lucky shell from the shellucky bucket that helped? heehee ;) Congrats.


Terrie found a JUNONIA on her birthday a few days earlier and brought it with her to show us all on the boat. Boom Shellalaka! So much fun to see such joy.

We were able to spot 3 dolphins near the beach…

And a MANATEE mother and her calf popped their noses up to say “Hi” to us as well.

We also saw a flock of BLACK SKIMMERS nesting on the beach. They were safely behind the ropes of a protected area to keep their nests away from any disturbances or foot traffic. They are such beautiful birds with their unusual orange bill that is longer on the bottom than on the top which makes it easier to skim the water to catch fish. Cool!

Of course I always give away plenty of gifts on every iLoveShelling cruise!

Everyone is always espeshelly thrilled with this one…

Sealife By Congress Jewelers

PS- Soooo…. I’ve been working on another little project lately. That means I’ve got a surprise coming very soon that involves another GiveAway! It’s shelltastic -I cant wait! Wooohoooo