The sun was shining, the sky blue, the Gulf Of Mexico calm and turquoise…. and the temperature was nice and cool without any humidity. The perfect day for our iLoveShelling Adventure to Cayo Costa with Captiva Cruises!


I can’t even tell you how much fun it was to see so many happy shellers show up for our shelltastic adventure. Our group was so big we had to take 2 photos to get all these smiling faces in the picture. What an awesome boat!


Now I’ve added to the giveaway merchandise for all of my iLoveShelling cruises to show you how grateful I am to get to meet so many amazing people. I’ve got wrist bands now to add to the bumper stickers, shell lucky bucket shells and the generous $25 gift certificate to Sealife By Congress JewelersΒ . Shellzam!


Check out our fabshellous day with our shelltastic shelling tour around the islands. Enjoy the video!