find florida cones and alphabet cones

We found so many CONE shells down by the seashore at Big Hickory Island this week. Sweet giant JINGLE SHELLS, WORMIES and WHELKS were among the beauties we found as well.

jingle shells coral wormies and whelks

Meet Super Sheller Dale in the red shirt. He found “CONE COUNTRY” with those ALPHABET CONES and FLORIDA CONES in the first image plus a few more fun favorite shells with Sandi and Kelvin all visiting from Illinois.

Dale, Sandi Kelvin IL visit florida for seashells

We had so many cool shellers like SW Florida locals Kelli and Howard join us on this gorgeous day for our iLoveShelling beach combing adventure with Sight Sea-R Cruises.

Kelli and Howard Cape Coral FL find shells
alphabet cones sand dollars conch shells

So much fun to meet Brett and Meg from Virginia. I think being 7 months pregnant has made Meg’s shelling eye even more keen.

Brett and Meg VA visit SW Florida for beach combing

She found some awesome treasures so I’m hoping they have a little sheller on the way since their little one has already felt the joy that shelling has.

sand dollar and Florida shells

Brian and Kristen (Chicago) were the SAND DOLLAR magnets.

Brian Kristen Chicago beach finds vacation Florida

sand dolaars and seashells

Peggy (also from IL) loves the CORAL like I do- she found an awesome branch.

peggy IL beach finds

collecting beach finds

Mary Ellen from Minnesota was so smart to fill her plastic shell bag with sand to protect her ANGEL WINGS and other fragile shells. Love that!

Mary Ellen MN with beach finds in Florida

John and Mary (WI) found 3 live colorful SEA ANEMONES hanging out on a BANDED TULIP.

John and Mary WI sea anemone on tulip

Once we marveled at the color and saw this creature “flowering” when we dipped it in the water, I took it out a little deeper in the water to return it to the Gulf Of Mexico. Always fun to see the different creatures of the sea!

sea amemone on tulip shell sw florida

Seeing this photo of Margaret (NY) and her daughter Danielle (RI) just makes me smile. They are so sweet together and mother and daughter shellers

It makes my day to see families enjoying the thrill of the beach hunt together. It was a pleasure to hang out on the beach with Miriam, Emily, Laurie and Jim (Oregon) and to find ANGEL WINGS, OLIVES and SHARKS EYES with them. ❤︎

Miriam Emily Laurie Jim Oregon beach combers in SW Florida

A shelling family is a happy family because it’s so much fun to learn about the beach. Wes, Ruba, Laurie and Neal (Virginia), thank you for bringing your kids Teagan, Ethan, Matthew and Lilli on our shelling adventure. I had so much fun walking the beach with them and answering all of their questions about all the different shells and bling they found.

Wes, Ruba, Teagan, Ethan, Matthew, Lilli, Laura, Neal Roanake VA

It was way too cute to see the beach finds they chose when I asked them what their favorite things were that they found on the beach.

kids shelling finds
Hershel, Connie, Nathalie, Collin, Kylie and Scott (Indiana) were celebrating Nathalie and Scott’s 20 year anniversary. Such a fun way to shellebrate with their family!

family shelling trip

crown conch olive whelks and sand dollars

You never know what you will find shelling by the seashore. On our cruise, most shellers hit Cone Country and I found a sun, fun shell filled day with the sweetest shelling families and friends old and new… my favorite days.

stoop for shells

PS- Have a wonderful Easter Weekend!

Pam shell easter basket