Prize winner of Pam Rambo Shellography Photography


Holy Cowrie! It was an amazing day at Congress Jewelers debuting my Shellography Photography… and we had such a fun time giving away prizes.

Melissa Congress reached in the urchin bowl to pick a name from all of the entries…. Our winner of the Junonia In The Surf Shellograph is Maureen F of Lexington! I emailed her to tell her she had won… and she replied with oodles of excitement and told me she already has the perfect spot to hang it.  junonia canvas shellography by pam rambo

To make the event even more fun, Scot Congress decided to pick another winner… Jessica S. from CT!  She won a Sealife By Congress sterling silver Sanibel Island Junonia pendant!

sanibel island junonia pendant


Congratshellations Maureen and Jessica! It was so much fun to talk with you both with the announcement.

Pam Rambo Melissa and Scott Congress pick art winner

I was really touched by the people who showed up to hang out with me and talk shelling. I was thrilled to see Tina and Skip and talk about a few days that we saw each other at Blind Pass when the shells were piling up during Thanksgiving a few years ago (CLICK HERE to see that day). Awwww…. they bought my Sanibel Lighthouse shellograph. Thanks you guys!

Tina, Pam and Skip with Sanibel Lighthouse canvas shellograph art

So much fun with Bobbi and Dale who took back to Wisconsin this WHELK shellograph. Thank you!

Pam Rambo Bobbi Dale with Whelk canvas Shellograph

Judith said this was the perfect blue in the SHARKS EYE shellograph for her home. Sweet!

judith with sharks eye shellography art by pam rambo

Sue and Garry from Naples have known the Congresses for many years so it was a pleasure to meet them. They took home the Apple Shell Cart shellograph. Be still my heart!

Sue and Garry buy Apple Shell canvas art Shellograph photograph Pam Rambo

Clark and I met Al years ago on the beach when his wife Mimi found a SEAHORSE (CLICK HERE) so it was lots of fun reminiscing about that whole day.

Al with shells to be identified during Pam Rambo art show

Along with quite a few other people, he brought in a few shells to be identified and to show off the colors on his spectacsheller TINTED CANTHARUS. Seriously, it was the best specimen I’ve ever seen. He also has a FROND OYSTER, RIBBED CANTHARUS and ROSE MUREX. I love seeing cool beach finds!

frond oyster, tinted cantharus, rose murex


I am very grateful for Melissa and Scot at Congress Jewelers for their encouragement of my Shellography and their love for the shelling community. If you are interested in any of my pieces or their jewelry, contact 239-472-4177 or emails at

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