seashells and sea glass Anegada BVIs

There are seashells in the British Virgin Islands!

sea shells and coral from BVI British Virgin Islands

Clark and I just got back from a quick trip to some of the beautiful islands of Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Jost Van Dyke and Anegada to do a little sailing and a lot of shelling. We found shells, SEA GLASS, CORAL, SEA WHIPS, RELICS and POTTERY fragments from old ship wrecks.

Shells and pottery relics BVI Virgin Island shelling

We combed the fabulous beaches…

beach combing British Virgin Island BVI

We snorkeled and explored the crystal clear turquoise Caribbean waters…

sea shell snorkeling BVIs British Virgin Islands

And found some beautiful treasures.

Bleeding Tooth, Cones BVI Virgin Islands shells

There were shells on every island!

Seashells Virgin Gorda BVI Bitter End

Since our whirlwind trip just ended, I will start organizing¬†our BVI loot so I can show you all the cool stuff we found and tell you where we found it. While I unpack our shells, I’ll take a few photos so I can show you how we get our goodies home in our luggage safe and sound without breaking fragile shells and SEA URCHINS. (How To Pack Fragile Sea Urchins and Seashells In Your Luggage Without Breaking)

BVI British Virgin Island beach path to seashells

The beaches and shelling were amazing but hanging out with Jane, John, Sandy and Roger was the more fun than ever. The BVIs will never be the same.

Happiness in the BVI aqua water

I can’t wait to show you more photos!

Pink Queen Conch Sea Shells line the beach path