small seashells on turquoise

My New Years Reshellution is to NEVER say “There’s not much on the beach today” when I see only crushed broken shells in the water, wash line or on the beach like this…

shells in the water

Clark and I decided to visit the east end of Sanibel late yesterday afternoon near Sanibel’s Lighthouse Beach. I felt like it had been so long since we visited our “old” fave beach so we just wanted to take a nice long walk and revisit this part of the island to see if any shell piles had formed. After walking a while without finding any nice size MUREXES, OLIVES, WHELKS  or CONCHS, I spotted a huge TURTLE sand sculpture that tickled my funny bone. I said “Oh look how cute this sand turtle is, Clark! It looks like it may be the best thing we find tonight”.

turtle sand sculpture at dusk

A few minutes later, we hit a miniature shell honey hole with WENTLETRAPS, BUBBLES, DRILLS, MUREXES, WHELKS, OLIVES and CONCHS. It wasn’t a shell mountain like the one at Blind Pass this past week (and I think its still there!) but I felt like I hit gold.

Collecting small seashells on Sanibel

It was fun to share this little mini heaven with locals Beth and Jim and to see them get just as excited about finding tiny LIMPETS as Clark and I do.

Shell stooping for small seashells on Sanibel

How could I ever think that “There’s not much on the beach” when hidden in pockets of tidal lines in the sand … there are magnificent beauties like this…

miniature shells found on Sanibel

Oh… and did you see the lunar halo LAST NIGHT? Omigosh! It was awesome- thank you Alicia for letting me know to look up at the night sky!

lunar halo from Sanibel Island