i Love Shelling best of 2014

It’s been another wild ride! 2014 was an incredible year as we celebrated 5 years of shelling together and many adventures.  Every day on the beach I have felt like you have been right along side me so thank you for being with me in spirit and for your encouragement and excitement as we learn together. It’s an amazing time in our lives to be able to share Mother Nature’s wonders of Sanibel, Captiva and the beaches around the world through iLoveShelling.

Here are my top 10 posts for 2014… Enjoy the count down from #10 to #1 post this year.

Click on each image to find out why they are so special for 2014!


#10 – Sanibel Wishes (Its actually my fave video instead of a post)



#9- Healthy Living On The Coast Of Sanibel Island

Whelk in the surf of Sanibel Island



#8CyberShelling At Blind Pass With Pam

happy shells



#7- Seashell display Table Ideas

Pam's shell display table with kitty


#6- Get ‘Em While The Gettin’s Good


shells and coral of captiva


#5- What Drills Make Different Holes In Seashells

sea shells with holes drilled by mollusks and sponges



#4- Wedding Party Shells Seeding Sanibel Beaches

not local sanibel seed wedding shells



#3- Gold Banded Cone Saga Continues

colorful alphabet cones



#2- Treasures Found In Guantanamo Bay Cuba (We felt so fortunate to be able to go back again)

Caribbean shells collected in Gtmo Gitmo Guantanamo Cuba


And… my favorite post….

#1- The Rambo Seashell Shellaboratory

Pam Rambo's Shellaboratory


I’d love to know which posts were YOUR favorite.

Happy New Year!