Common Sanibel shells

With very warm days bringing heavy afternoon storms coming from the east, the downpours with lightning have put a damper on our favorite time to shell – summer evening shelling. Before dinner last night, Clark and I snuck out to Gulfside City Park for a few minutes to see if the swirling winds had brought many treasures.Sanibel boardwalk path to the beach I always try to be thankful for whatever gift is put before me on the beach so I took a closer look at the most common shells on Sanibel. These shells are always on the beach but we overlook them most of the time since we get in the habit of only looking for our favorites. We are so very fortunate to always have so many different species of common shells so I started picking up the ones that were abundant. As I stopped to pick up some of the common shells, I was pleasantly surprised at how many varieties were right at my toes in the shallow water. There was something very therapeutic about picking them out. I thought I’d share the peace and calmness of the process so I started filming. That sweet little candy (yellow HORSE CONCH), OLIVE and CONCH were Clark’s additions to my “therapy” so I added them to my video as well. Enjoy!