emmie grace shells sanibel


Go with the flow. Haven’t you heard that saying all of your life?  It’s really a perfect saying for shelling because the flow of shells in the water changes by the minute, hour and day. We haven’t seen oodles of shell piles at Blind Pass in the last few weeks but yesterday the rough water was cutting into the sand to uncover some shellicious lovelies that these Sanibel Stoopers were lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time.



rough water and erosion blind pass sanibel


These shells were being carried off just as the waves were eroding the sand that was brought in for the beach renourishment in December (2013). Just like the sand, shells come and go with the flow of the wind and water. This is what high winds swirling from east to west can do to the beach in a very short time.



blind pass beach erosion 2014


This can also uncover shells! These were shells that my friend Emmie Grace found yesterday just to the east of the parking lot at Blind Pass Sanibel. Going with the shell flow… Yaya, baby!

find shells on sanibel