shells on Sanibel lighthouse sandy beach

Finally! Shells! I haven’t found piles of shells on Sanibel the last several days but they were sure rolling in last night at Lighthouse Beach. Benjamin and Anja from Germany can attest to that…

benjamin anja from germany finding sanibel seashells

These were just some of the gorgeous shells they found…

shells from anja and benjamin

Clark found most of the shells in the top photo but I think he was most excited about a double BUTTERCUP…

clark loves buttercup shells

The low tide was at sunset so I didn’t have much light to take a photo but it really is the prettiest BUTTERCUP we’ve ever seen…

double buttercup shell collected on sanibel

This next photo will show you exactly where we were to find these beauties. Oh, and notice my new OLIVE bracelet? I made one for all of us for Shellabaloo last week – I missed my last one. If you want to make one, I made a video a while back on how to do it- CLICK HERE

seashell bracelet with shells and lighthouse

A few nights ago, we went to Captiva and met avid shellers Brian and Candi from Newport News, Virginia as they were looking for KITTENS PAWS and CALICO CLAMS. We talked about our old stomping grounds in Virginia and shared fun stories about some of the other places in the world we both have been shelling… like Turks and Caicos.

brian and candi sunset

Also this past week, we saw Russ and Jill from Wisconsin again on a Captiva Cruise to Cayo Costa.

russ jill wisconsin worm rock

Russ found such a cool piece of WORM ROCK which is a colony of VARIABLE WORM SNAIL. Love this!

variable worm snail rock

Sophia, Vincent and Andrew from New Jersey took advantage of the crystal clear water of Cayo Costa to snorkel for some amazing shells.

sophia, vincent andrew nj shell florida

I’m sure tonight will be about the same shelling at the Lighthouse for low tide so if you are any where close to Sanibel, check it out and find some goodies!

shells on Sanibel lighthouse sandy beach