december 2013 shelling on sanibel

Just as Clark and I stepped on the beach yesterday, we saw a string of shells on the shoreline of Blind Pass Sanibel and the happy site of lots of Sanibel Stoopers.

shelling on christmas day sanibel 2013

As we got closer to the sand bar, we saw a mound of shells … YIPPEE! A  shell pile! Frances from Texas and her granddaughter Kelly “Sittin’ N Siftin” for shells.

kelly francés from texas visit sanibel florida for seashells

In their bags, they collected CONCHS, COCKLES and OLIVES but their favorites were lots of CHESTNUT TURBANS, large AUGERS,  an ALTERNATE TELLIN, CONCHS and WHELKS.

alternate tellin turbans auger whelk conch sanibel

Oooooh… And Helene and her daughter Wendy found a JUNONIA “cob”.

helene wendy from new york visiting Sanibel Florida for shells

Wendy also found an ALPHABET CONE as well but there’s more…

junonia cone shell found sanibel florida wendy


I think Wendy’s new name should be WonderSheller Wendy since her husband posted a photo on the iLoveShelling Facebook page of her other finds in the last few days at Blind Pass Sanibel. A SCOTCH BONNET, GOLDEN OLIVE, KINGS CROWNS, GAUDY NATICA and so much more! Every time I see her on the beach, she has something pretty extraordinary in her shell bag. Shellzam!

wendy shells from Facebook

Rachel (holding a SHARKS EYE), Amy (with her fave COCKLE) and Sarah (with a sweet JUVIE CONCH) from Minnesota we happy as clams finding their favorite treasures from the sea.

rachel amy sarah minnesota visit sanibel shelling

Roya from Maryland showed me her favorite shell… a WORMIE! Nice one.

roya from maryland visits sanibel for shelling

It was an extra fun day for me since Super Sheller Clark got to take it easy and shell to his heart’s content…

clark rambo shelling sanibel christmas

He always gives most of his shells away to whomever is nearby but these were his faves to bring home… an ALPHIE, LACE MUREX (with brown coloration) and a beauty of an OLIVE.

clark's fave shells on Christmas

I can never pass up collecting sunbeam SCALLOPS…

sanibel sunbeam scallops

Some days I get on an obsession with one type of shell, and yesterday was the KITTENS PAW. They are one of the most common shells on Sanibel but there are days when they speak to me…. “Meow!” (I guess Ive been a little obsessed with kitties this last week too. heehee)

sanibel shells kittens paws

I mentioned last week that there was construction equipment parked at the Blind Pass Captiva (Turner Beach) parking lot so it was closed. The Captiva side parking lot was still closed as of yesterday (Christmas day) but the beach is open. The Sanibel side of Blind Pass parking lot is OPEN and there are no problems shelling that beach… and I think they are wrapping it up and moving it out any day now (fingers crossed!). If you need more info go to

Sending seashells and palm trees from paradise…

one palm painting a red sky

Join me on the next shelling adventure cruise to Cayo Costa January 3 or 8, 2014! For more info CLICK HERE

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