seashells on the beach of sanibel florida

I may not have collected oodles of empty shells from my stroll along the beach at Gulfside City Park but I had a very merry walk seeing hundreds of very merry live MOLLUSKS  thankful to have the shells on their very merry backs.

gulf side city park sanibel

I continued my very merry stroll seeing very merry ROYAL TERNS basking in the very merry sun….

royal terns flock to sanibel

I’d love to take you on this very merry (and very silly) shelling stroll if you’d like to see these very merry creatures and bask in the very merry sun with me.  Enjoy the very merry video….

Okay…. On another note…. I can’t stand keeping this a secret one more minute.  There’s one more reason we have been very merry (and very busy) this holiday season.

We have a new baby in the house!

IMG_0276 (1)

Our sweet Dustie has a new little brother…. 6 month old Rustie (Rusty, RustBall, RustBucket, the Rusters, Rustoleum). Clark wanted a kittie for Christmas so we went to the Lee County Animal Services and Rustie picked Clark… but unfortunately he’s a little sick. Awwwww… it’s that kennel krud. He’s on meds and still doesn’t feel all that great but the our vet says he’ll be just fine. Our new little RustBucket looooves to snuggle so we are enjoying doing everything we can to make him comfortable and happy.

little rustie ball 6 months

And of course since he’s a Rambo now… he loves shelling too!

rustie with shells

 Join me on our next iLoveShelling Adventure January 3 or January 8! CLICK HERE for more info…

shelling adventures trips by pam

PS- I’m updating my gallery every day- check it out!

pam rambo art gallery iloveshelling