julie ohio finds seashells cayo costa florida

This is the way I like to kick off the first week of December… miles and miles of sandy shorelines, shorts, shells, sharing and warm sunshine on a boat shuttle full of shellers. It was a perfect day to have our iLoveShelling cruise to Cayo Costa with Captiva Cruises since we all found exshellent treasures like Julie’s (Ohio) favorite finds… a perfect WORM SHELL, ANGEL WING, SHARKS EYE, double SUNRAY VENUS, OLIVES, CONCH and WHELK. These were Julie’s (Ohio) favorite finds

julie ohio finds seashells cayo costa florida

Linda from Iowa found a MACULATED BABYS EAR!!! She has such interesting shells and bling on her try so it’s sort of hard to see, but look at the middle left and you will see the BROWN BABYS EAR.

shells collected Cayo Costa florida

I’m so happy for you Linda since I consider that a rare find for our area. Shellzam!

linda iowa shells cayo costa florida

Most folks found LIGHTNING WHELKS and OLIVES in lots of rich colors just at the waters edge on the gulf side of Cayo Costa…

whelks found boating Cayo Costa florida

These were Maren’s (Iowa) favorite finds of the morning…

maren iowa shells cayo costa

Oh how we love those wormies!!!

worm shells find cayo costa florida

Jack and Nancy from Michigan were able to add these whimsical WORM SHELLS to their Southwest Florida shell collection. Good eye Nancy! (so fun to run into you Friday night at Sanibel Luminary outside Sealife By Congress too!)

jack nancy michigan sea shells cayo costa florida

Ahhhhh. Look at that beautiful BABYS EAR…

babys ear cayo costa Janet

Janet found this one right after she got off the Captiva Cruises boat.

janet iowa finding shells cayo costa

She also found lots of sweet minis in the high tide wrack line and also in the high tide dried tidal areas in the “coffee grounds”.

janet iowa shells cayo costa

Nancy couldn’t wait to get her snorkel on to search in the water. It paid off! She found this good size beautiful empty WHELK.

Nancy snorkels find whelk cayo costa florida

Wendy and Bonnie from Cape Coral were shellebrating an early Christmas finding lots of shells and BEACH BLING. (Thanks again Bonnie for giving me a copy of the magazine!)

wendy bonnie cape coral shelling cayo costa florida

Woot Woot! Wendy from Ohio found this spectacsheller HORSE CONCH! I think she said she found it caught in the tree roots right on the tip of the island. (Did I remember that right Wendy?)

wendy ohio horse conch found cayo costa florida

Cutie pies Michelle and Jessica started off the day finding some FIGHTING CONCHS near the boat then finished off finding some WHELKS and a couple of gorgeous LACE MUREXES as well.

michelle jessica pennsylvania shelling cayo costa florida

I was amazed to see such large double SUNRAY VENUS CLAMS. Roger and Jeanne (Chicago) found a perfectly intact very large one to show us how beautiful they are.

jeanne sunray venus roger chicago seashells florida

Rick and Lisa (Indiana) were filling their shell bag with OLIVES, CONCHS and WHELKS in shin deep water in the Gulf Of Mexico. I love these iLoveShelling cruises so I get to meet other fanatic shellers. Just like seeing Jack and Nancy at Sanibel Luminary, I saw Rick and Lisa at South Seas Resort at the Golf Cart Parade for Captiva Luminary (photos to come soon). It was a fun and busy weekend! Good to see you both again.

rick lisa indiana shelling cayo costa

There were quite a few people who found SAND DOLLARS as well which was one of Debi and Barry’s favorite finds of the morning. There was such a variety!

debi barry sand dollar captiva cruise

It was a real treat to have my friend Sarah visit us from Virginia Beach and join us on this sun filled shelling boat cruise. She is an artist so she was picking up ARK shells for a shell mirror she has started making. I wrote a post a few years ago about her stunning seashell chandelier she crafted so I was tickled she wanted to shell with us to find her own treasures to use in this project (she usually finds her shells in our “shellaboratory”- LOL). CLICK HERE to see her chandelier.

sarah shelling cayo costa florida

Along with shells and sunshine, we were joined by an OSPREY who wanted to hang out with us the whole entire time we were on the beach.

osprey drying wings cayo costa florida

We also had a pod of DOLPHINS giving us a show but of course every time they jumped out of the water, I clicked the camera too late and all I got was a splash. So this was the best shot I got. hahaha

dolphins captiva cruise

As always, the best part of the day was getting to mingle with such fun, interesting folks who love shelling.

shell tree cayo costa

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shelling adventures trips by pam

Oh and PS- I’m starting to add more art to my new online gallery…