Blind Pass Captiva Florida Turner Beach shells

While the shells were washing up at Blind Pass Captiva in every nook …

shells nook cranny overflow

And cranny…

shell rock alley sanibel captiva blind pass

Stan and Carolyn worked that pile at Blind Pass the entire weekend…

shellers sanibel captiva blind pass

Then he found a sweet teeny tiny JUNONIA “cob” …

find a junonia captiva sanibel

Then Vicky from South Dakota found a JUNONIA cob too.

Vicky junonia cob captiva florida

They put them side by side so you can see why we call them “cobs”. The tip, tail and most of the body is still there but it looks like the middle was eaten…. like a corn cobb. Junonias must be delicious treats to BOX CRABS since they are most times responsible for cracking the JUNONIA shell to get to the mollusk inside. This makes it still a fun find and because of the hard edges, it becomes the perfect centerpiece for a wire wrapped pendant for jewelry!

where to find junonia cobs captiva florida

While they compared JUNONIAS, Addy (South Dakota) plucked out an ALPHABET CONE

addy south dakota visit sanibel alphabet cone

Clark and I heard that Lighthouse Beach had some good mini shells so we had to check it out. Yep! We didn’t find oodles of miniatures but I did find a few WENTLETRAPS and other cutie little shells …

miniature shells lighthouse

Oooo… but Clark found a gorgeous TRUE TULIP along with a few other fab finds.

sea shells of sanibel island lighthouse beach florida

The shelling hasn’t only been great on Captiva and Sanibel, we also heard the shelling has been awesome all along the southwest Florida coast in Tarpon Springs, St Pete, Fort Myers Beach, Bonita, Naples and Marco. So I hope you’ve found some treasures as well if you’ve been on the west coast this week because you just never know what tomorrow might bring. If you’re on your way to the beach, dont forget to look in the nooks and crannies.

shell mountain captiva sanibel florida

PS- I met so many people this weekend who found so many great shells, I may have gotten a few names backwards- Ack! So I’d like to apologize if I goofed anybody’s name!

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