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My mom always used to ask me… “Are you wearing plenty of sunscreen, Dear?”. “Yes, Mom. Every day, Mom.”.  Now Clark and I say the same thing to each other before we go out shelling for the day. But nowadays we also ask “Did you pack the sun screen to reapply later?”. Omigosh, if you have freckle-faces like Clark and me, you need to slather, slather, slather that sun screen. We have to because we love the sun! Sunshine makes me happy.

pam rambo iloveshelling.com hat

When I was younger, I was told “A face without freckles is like a night without stars”. So really, how could anybody ever hate freckles after hearing that? But having freckles means we have fair skin so we try to avoid too much sun so we try to wear big hats and big sunglasses to hide our fair skinned bodies. But it’s not just us, all shellers need to wear sunscreen just like bikers need to wear a helmet and we need to wear a seat belt while in a car. Clark is always so good at covering up his arms with long sleeves. But….Errrr… I’m still not there yet. I know, I know! As Charlotte commented the other day “being SUN~SMART shouldn’t always look like you’re about to go sport fishing and land a large tarpon !!” LOL I’m with you Charlotte!

Clark banded tulip

We can’t forget to protect our lips too. Check to make sure your lip balm has a SPF 15 or higher as well. Oh yeah, then there’s the feet. I know it feels so good to get your toes in the sand but when there are piles of shells on the beach to look through, who wants to have to think about feet? I want to focus on the shells! There are sharp shells in our waters, so we protect our feet from getting cut up by wearing flip flops or water shoes.

donnie shells water shoes

Always take precautions when you are engaged in any sport. Yes! Shelling is a sport so stay safe. I’m going to stay out of the sun for a few weeks to do a precautionary skin treatment. Really, it’s no big deal. But I need your help!

First of all, wear sunscreen when you are outside.

Second, if you are in the area I’d love updates (here or facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus) of how the shelling is going so I can pass it along to everyone.

No worries yall. I have many photos and videos that I never had the time to show you so this will be the perfect time for that. Super Sheller Clark will also still be reporting in so I can share with you changing shelling locations he finds. But already, I can’t wait to get back on the beach to show you my favorite things to do on the beach…. like meeting awesome people like Eric and Shannon from Atlanta…

eric shannon sanibel beach

And fun families like Brock, Branden, Carson, Peyton, Arlen and Kelly from Iowa. This is why i Love Shelling!

brock branden carson peyton arlen kelly Sanibel island florida