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Cruising to Cayo Costa with a boatload of shellers makes me happy as a CLAM….or maybe even happier than a CLAM after seeing how calm and aqua blue the water was yesterday! We took the afternoon cruise to catch the nice low tide so we would have more areas to look for shells. It worked! Katie from Ohio was lucky enough to find this perfect CONCH the minute she stepped off the boat…

katie ohio conch shell cruise

I soon realized that “luck” had nothing to do with it. She’s just a darn good sheller! Here she is with her sweet mom Jonna and all of the day’s treasures…

katie jonna ohion with seashells captiva florida

Leah, Clara and Jasper from Georgia loved being able to find shells wading through the gorgeous water…

shelling family cruise florida

Clara couldn’t wait to organize and look at all of her seashells. She found lots of OLIVES and COCKLES!

clara with seashells captiva

Jess hit a FALSE ANGEL WING honey hole! She was wading in the water scooping, scooping, scooping until she scooped up a perfectly paired set. She figured if there was one, there might be more.

jess aqua water with shells

She was not giving up on finding just one. Her persistence paid off… She found a handful!

Jess false angel wings florida

Jake knows how happy shelling makes his mom Genine (Naples, FL) so he told me he wanted to come with her on the iLoveShelling cruise because he always wants his mom to be happy. What a wonderful son you have, Genine!

genine jake mccarthys marina dock florida

So while Genine was collecting these shells…

genine shells cayo costa florida

Although Jake’s not much of a sheller, he found some enjoyment too…

catching rays beach chair florida

I was thrilled to meet “Loree from Ohio”! She made the trip to Sanibel last year after recovering from a long health battle… only to run into Tropical Storm Debbie the only days they were here. Well, she was able to make it back this week in good health with her husband Roy to enjoy this unbelievably beautiful weather on our cruise to Cayo Costa.

Loree Roy with seashells islands

And she found lots of shells too!

Loree seashells cayo costa florida

Did you spot that shellacious WORM SHELL in the last photo? It’s so long but the cool thing is the tip is perfect. Here’s a better photo of it with us in our Shelling Sistah shirts…

loree pam captiva florida shelling cruise

Taylor and her family have been shelling all over the world. They told me they went to Thailand too last year and told me about some of the shells and sea life they have found in the British Virgin Islands as well. As I always say…  a shelling family is a happy family.

taylor family captiva florida

On this cruise they found an assortment of shells, SAND DOLLARS and a few pieces of CORAL as well.

sand dollars shells cayo costa florida

Emily, Chris, Izzy, Robert, and Christa found a great spot on the boat for the view.

emily chris izzy robert christa cruise florida cayo costa

Thanks Captains Keith and Kelly for such a great day for seeing DOLPHINS and spotting SEA TURTLES too.

captiva cruise boat captains

We got back to McCarthy’s Marina to see four MANATEES hanging out.

manatees captiva florida marina

 We had a few people stay for a “Shell ‘N Tell” so we could all share our shell finds and stories after the cruise. Loree realized she had a hitchhiker on one of her COCKLE shells. A baby live STARFISH! After realizing it was still alive, Roy took it back to the water by the dock.

starfish on cockle shell

Then Jasper showed us another hitchhiker… A tiny baby CRAB was inside one of their COCKLES too! The CRAB and STARFISH were both so small there’s no way anybody could have seen them if they were inside on of their other shells. So Jasper walked it down to the water as well to set it free. It’s good thing we got our shells back out while being so close to the water.

baby crab cockle shell

It was such a fun day in the warm sun collecting shells, sharing stories and catching glimpses of magical sealife. Thank you to all on the boat for making it such special day!

collecting seashells clear water

Join us on the next cruise to Cayo Costa July 17 in the afternoon 1-4pm. Call 239-472-5300 and ask to join the iLoveShelling cruise in July! For more details… CLICK HERE

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