olive sanibel shell string bracelet

I’ve had many people ask me about my OLIVE shell bracelet that I’ve shown in some of my photos. I’m tickled that you like it… because I made it! I missed the string on my wrist from Thailand so I decided to make a Sanibel version because I loved the sentiment that came along with my original simple string….Remember, every day is a gift. It’s just like tying a string around my finger when I had to remember something when I was a kid. My “Sanibel Shell String” version also reminds me to remember to look for the not-so-obvious treasures and simple wonders the day can bring. Everything doesn’t have to be grand to be good. Don’t get me wrong… I like grand too (LOL) but I love the things that I overlooked in the past and then when I finally see them- WOW! It’s been there the whole time and I never realized how cool it was. A simple pleasure. So when I would show photos of my hand displaying some of the treasures I found on the beach and it showed my Sanibel Shell String, I noticed a few comments that yall would like to know how to make one too. I’m thrilled!

small seashells sanibel

So I made a HowTo video! Since it’s been raining here in Sanibel and all of Southwest Florida, I made this video to show you step by step on how to make a shell bracelet too! It’s easy! Go look through your boxes of shells… I’m sure you have an OLIVE with a missing tip and follow these same simple steps I took to make mine. Okay… but please disregard who many times I say “uuummmm” – geez Pam! I should have edited that out but…. I didn’t have time. Bleck! I’ve got to get more used to being in front of the camera instead of behind it- LOL

Anyhooo…. Enjoy!

PS- I did forget one thing- before I give one as a gift, I soak the bracelet in hot sudsy water for a while then rinse it to get as much of the wax off the string as I can. If you don’t do this, the string gets too lose on your wrist and you have to retie it.