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Well, well. Lookie what Matt and Denise found on their first trip to Sanibel… A big ole beautiful empty HORSE CONCH in the water on the Sanibel side of Blind Pass. Boom Shellalaka! They came over from the east coast of Florida (Mims) to do a little shelling then realized the best shells were in the water right now. They were very persistent and it paid off. That CONCH makes for a shell of a vacation.

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Andy and Stephanie from Illinois were just as happy with their finds of WHELKS, FIGHTING CONCHS, double DOSINIAS and more in the water as well.

andy stephanie florida shells

I loooove finding dark LACE MUREXES. I found a really dark one the other week and never got around to taking a photo of it for you so I was not about to let this one slip through my fingers. It’s not as dark but it is unbelievably gorgeous and the spines are so impressive. It even has a pink nose!

lace murex ap shell sanibel florida

This is the other side and now you can see some of that rich brown coloring that makes it a little different…

lace murex shell sanibel florida

I walked over the Blind Pass bridge that connects Sanibel to Captiva so I could see what kinds of shells I could find there. Remember I showed you the “Amazing Shell Mound” the other day? Well, now it has dwindled. In 3 days time, notice the blue bag on the shell pile in my photo taken on May 30th on the left… that little shell “ramp” is now where the mound starts in the photo I took 3 days later on the right. That’s maybe 9 or 10 feet back (I’m just guestimating, y’all. I didnt measure it- just eyeballing). Most of the shells that everybody was picking through on May 30th have been taken back out to the Gulf Of Mexico. Isn’t that wild how quickly that happens? BUT that’s how quickly the sand and shells come back in too so that’s what makes life so much fun to shell at Blind Pass. You never know what the beach will look like until you get there! Let’s say it together, y’all… “That’s why i Love Shelling!” It’s the best treasure hunt in the world!

Blind Pass changes May 2013

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Seashell Island Shelling Vacation