seashells found sanibel island florida

The cool “sweatshirt ‘n shorts” mornings have been the most productive for shelling in the last week with the early low tides. Jason and Carol from Ohio found so many shell treasures this weekend (including 2 ALPHABET CONES) on the Sanibel side of Blind Pass about 3/4 of a mile from the bridge…

ohio jason carol alphie

The shelling luck continued in the same spot for Parker from Punta Gorda. Yesterday he was walking in about 2 feet of water on the sand bar off the beach when he saw a huge HORSE CONCH. It was completely empty! Great find Parker! You’ve got a great sheller’s eye… and with a great sheller’s eye, you’ll always find the good things in life.

florida horse conch sanibel

Parker said he wanted to get the black part (the PERIOSTRACUM) off of the shell so I gave him some advice on how to do it which you can find on my post by CLICKING HERE. Here is Parker and his sister Summerlin to show you how big this beauty is. Cuties!

parker summerlin florida seashell

Ashley and Caroline (from Boston, of course) were having a great time filling up their shell bags this morning at the same lucky spot …

ashley caroline seashells sanibel florida

I love how they arranged their fave shells in the next photo! Ashley was very thrilled about finding her first KINGS CROWN and look at that gorgeous red TRUE TULIP Caroline found. Well, I could actually name each one of these shells and oooh and ahhh over them… like those SCALLOPS! Love, love those colors.

sanibel island florida seashells

I met Larry and Christy filling a gallon ziplock bag with shells and CORAL. I mean she had a huge chunk of coral and I cant believe I didnt get a photo of it- so sorry!.

larry christy shells sanibel

The low tide mornings have been crisp and cool with the afternoons warming to the 70s. Really, it’s been such nice weather lately but you’ve had to search for the shell piles like this in the mornings before they get covered up by the high tide waters coming in.

collecting seashells sanibel island

You see where Ashley is on the top right corner? A few minutes after I took this shot, she found a sweet FLORIDA CONE in the water right there. The shell is a little blurry in the photo but its still kinda fun to see all the other shells around it…

florida cone blurry

Happy Monday!

shelling sanibel island florida

Let’s have a happy Saturday March 16th together too on a cruise to Cayo Costa! For more info CLICK HERE