daugher mom trip seashells

Happy. That’s what this photo of a mom (Margaret) and daughter (Katy) from Chicago says “Happy”. I peaked into Kay’s shell bag  and knew why she had such a happy face. Who wouldnt be happy filling a mesh bag full of seashell treasures like these…

katy shell bag

She found this awesome ALPHABET CONE…

katy alphabet cone shell

Her mom Margaret found great treasures too and pulled out these two ALPHIES and a TULIP…

margaret cones tulip

Katy and Margaret collected their seashells this morning at Captiva’s Blind Pass but yesterday I saw Bridget and Brendan from New Hampshire on the Sanibel side of Blind Pass with the same happy faces.

bridget brendan sea shells

They were exhilarated by finding gobs of shells like these FIGHTING CONCHS…

fighting conchs sanibel

While I was in the parking lot at Blind Pass Sanibel, I ran into Jean from Iowa who found an extremely large PEAR WHELK (no, not in the parking lot, silly)…

jean pear whelk iowa sanible

I mean, this is a gargantuan PEAR WHELK!!!

pear whelk and seashells

Earlier in the week on the east end of Sanibel, I showed you all of the weird BEACH BLING that was washing up on the beach. Now the BLING (and Red Tide) is moving out with some north/northwest winds and those winds are bringing in some nice big shells.

morning seashells

My faves (and Clark’s) this weekend have been the multicolored SCALLOP shells. They are amazing! I relate it to the same experience as seeing a DOLPHIN… I will never get tired of spotting a DOLPHIN no matter how many times in the week I see them. Its the same with SCALLOPS.  I will never get tired of spotting a beautifully colored SCALLOP and being amazed by so many different patterns. They are both magical.

scallop colors