daina junonia

This JUNONIA didn’t just roll up at Shelling Sister Daina’s feet this week during her vacation  on Sanibel Island. Nope, she was out at 10:30 at night with a flashlight walking in knee deep water when she spotted the spots. Brown spots! Hot Diggity Dawg! She found a JUNONIA! Congratshellations! Even though it’s not perfect, it’s beautiful and it almost makes it sweeter when you work so hard to find one and it finally appears. And she found something else on the island that she was excited about…

daina id card junonia

She found my new SEASHELL IDENTIFICATION FIELD GUIDE in one of the local store! I designed this waterproof shelling ID card made of hard plastic so that you can easily take it to the beach to identify your shells that you find. Some of you avid shellers already know the 45 different Southwest Florida shells I’ve listed on the guide especially if you’ve followed my blog for any amount of time but it’s perfect for kids, regular shellers and just great as a gift because it retails for only $4.99. Here’s what it looks like on both the front and the back…

seashell identify field guide

Okay… I have to fess up. Oh boy. Daina told me she knew about the typo. The typo. Okay, yes, I said TYPO! LOL How did I make a typo???? I looked at it hundreds of times and had about 12 different people proof it. After I printed them all up, I took it in to Mary Beth at Sanibel Seashells on Periwinkle and Fitzhugh and she loved it. Her dad Larry looked at for 4 seconds and said “Nice… but you’ve got a typo”. Whaaahhhh? Noooooo! Yep, the man has got an eye. Ack! Do you see it?

shell id card

Well, whatcha gonna do… We all had a good laugh about it and I told them if anybody came in to purchase angle wings (45 degree or 90 degree), they knew who sent them. Typo and all, you can find them a quite a few different retail stores in our area. I’ll make a page with links and phone numbers that I will attach later, but for right now here are the local stores you can find them in if you want one…

Ace Hardware Sanibel, Beach Stuff, Book Nook, Jerry’s Foods, Island Inn Sanibel, The Island Store, MacIntosh Books, Pack & Ship, Royal Shell, Sanibel Harbour Marriott, Sanibel Seashells, Suncatchers’ Dreams, Tuttle’s Sea Horse Shop, Whitney’s Bait and Tackle, and Yolo Watersports.

Thanks Daina for showing me your fabulous JUNONIA and the other great shells you found off Middle Gulf Drive.

seashell beach guide