rambo seashells sanibel florida

We have been so fortunate to have had absolutely gorgeous, unseasonably warm weather for weeks on end now. Yes, it’s usually “shorts” weather in SouthWest Florida in January most years but we’ve had “shorts-n-bathing suit” weather here lately. So a walk on the beach ends up turning into a dip in the water to cool off. It’s soooo nice! What could make that sound even better? Shells! There are still shells rolling up at Blind Pass… but it seems like they are on the Sanibel side now. Both Clark and I found the shells in the top photo but I have to admit Clark  found the “ALPHIE” and the awesome brown LACE MUREX…

brown lace murex aperture

It looked perfectly clean when I got home so I quickly snapped these photos without giving it another thought. Hmmmm. Now I wish I had spent some time to clean it up since the sand shows up so much…. but just look beyond that. It’s beauuuteeeful! We don’t find the brown “LACIES” very often.

brown lace murex

We met Lido from Orlando (he’s an actor!) having a great time filling his pockets with some excellent shells…

Actor lido shelling

He found an ALPHABET CONE aaaand  a FLORIDA CONE! Not so bad, right? He found that unusual color of CALICO SCALLOP as well…. so I have to admit… I spied it with all of his other shells (FIGHTING CONCHS, WHELKS etc) and liked it so much I’m the one who chose it to put in his picture with his 2 favorites. I get so tickled when I see someone else get so intrigued by the different color variations of those SCALLOPS!

abc cone florida cone scallop sanibel

Soul Sister Susan found a COLORFUL MOON shell!

ss susan gaudy natica

Her favorites of the day were of course the spectacular MOON but she also found a double ROSE PETAL TELLIN too (top right on her hand).

susan seashells sanibel florida

Take a look at this PURPLISH SEMELE that Rosalie from Michigan found.

rosalie michigan semele shell

Not so “purplish”, right?

orange purplish semele

We find more of these shells up at Cayo Costa but she found this orangish PURPLISH right in front of the Island Inn.

interior purplish semele rosalie

 The inside of that shell reminds me of something but I can’t think of what it is…. hmmmmm…… maybe it will come to me soon.

island sunset over sanibel florida

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