Sanibel erosion blind pass beach

The beaches of Sanibel and Captiva change on a regular basis due mostly because of Mother Nature’s handiwork which includes winds, tides, currents and storms. We (mere humans) can take a small part of responsibility in changing the beach landscape when we dredge the channels like we did this past summer. That’s what makes shelling so fascinating. The sand and shells wash in on any given beach… then the sand and shells wash out on a completely different beach so you never know where they might show up next.

Sanibel shallow water seashells

Erosion is a normal day on our beaches and it always seems to fill back in with the ebb and flow. But. Wow! Sanibel’s Blind Pass has extremely washed out more than I’ve ever seen it.

blind pass sanibel erosion pole

In my humble opinion, I think there are many factors that probably caused this major erosion… like Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane Isaac and the dredging project over the summer. I’m sure Isaac and the dredging weakened the shore structure to a point then Sandy came along to sweep up the mess. Remember, this is just my own theory and I’m no expert on how the earth’s surface gets formed. LOL I just thought I’d throw it out there with my own opinion since I’m sure yall will have questions and probably answers of your own. ;)

Anyhooo… Here’s my little video walk on the shoreline to inspect the damages and changes and of course to do a little shelling along the way. I didn’t find oodles of seashells but I did find enough to make me happy for the day.

As you saw, I found my fave candy corn (HORSE CONCH), a bright orange SCALLOP with yellow sunbeams, a huge LETTERED OLIVE and after I stopped filming I spotted a brilliant RIBBED CANTHARUS.

candy scallop cantharus olive

The biggest shell I found (well “found” might be the right word) today was the one I just finished painting for the Captiva Holiday Village golf cart parade.

pam rambo painted seashell

Yes! iLoveShelling will be in the golf cart parade again so if you are on the island, come on down and shellebrate with us!

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