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Captiva Christmas Parade Gets Xtreme

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Golf cart christmas parade captiva florida

Would you call us dressing up our golf cart with a 5 foot JUNONIA along with nine 3 foot shells to make it a Junonia Jalopy … a little Xtreme for Christmas? I’d say it was Xtremely fun! How about that South Seas Resort dressed up like elves to drive their Elf Mobile around in Captiva Village? I’d say they are Xtremely adorable!

south seas resort elf mobile parade captiva

Do you think a convoy of YOLO Watersports scoot coupes in Santa hats running the streets of Captiva would be Xtremely cool?

yolo scoot coupes captiva christmas parade

This is the sweetest replica of the Chapel By The Sea sitting on top of a golf cart… soooo un-Xtreme. On second thought- it’s kinda an Xtremely perfect little mini Chapel By The Sea.

chapel by the sea captiva golf cart

There’s nothing wrong whatsoever that Doc Fords’ golf cart has Christmas trees growing out of its top.

Doc Fords Golf cart christmas parade

Errrrr…. Well, riding “Rudolphin” down Captiva Drive might just be a tiny bit Xtreme but Kingfisher Vacations lets that crazy red nosed DOLPHIN join in any sincere games.

captiva florida golf cart parade Rudolphin

 Oh Okay. Maybe Captiva is Xtremely nuts. We had six Mixed Nuts nut crackers running around all afternoon! heehee

captiva mixed nut crackers golf cart

Now I know why the Travel Channel filmed this crazy little Captiva Holiday Village Golf Cart Parade and called it “Xtreme Xmas“! That’s right. The Travel Channel filmed our wacky golf cart parade last year and will include our “Xtreme” Captiva Golf Cart Parade when it airs next Sunday December 15, 2013 at 7:00pm. Yahooo! So exciting!

captiva christmas puppy

This little parade is so much fun, even the crowd puts on a show with their own judging stand. Hmmmm… We only got a 7.5 from the Russian judge. He’s tough.

sideline golf cart parade judges

After the parade this year, Clark and I parked the Junonia Jalopy at YOLO (where Clark gets his shelling scoops) to join their holiday drum circle for the Captiva Luminary events. There were more than 8 drums, rattles, tom toms, a cow bell and Clark and I brought our own instruments…. saws. LOL

drum circle at YOLO watersports captiva

We learned how to “play” a saw with a screwdriver when we went on our shelling vacation to Cat Island in the Bahamas so we thought we’d tune up our own saws and give it a whirl. So much fun! I think the saw is the perfect addition to any island drum circle, don’t you? LOL

pam clark playing the saw captiva drum circle

 Just one more photo to get you back to your shelling mood. I’ve been hearing that just about every beach in Southwest Florida still has some great shells rolling in so I made a quick stop to Tarpon Beach today at low tide and found these gems. The WHELKS, MUREXES and some of the CONCHS were at the water’s edge half buried in the sand. I found all of the others in the lowest tide wrack line on the beach still wet by the wash. The OLIVES were incredibly colorful and so shiny. I could have picked up gashellions of CERITHS but I never seem to give them the proper respect they deserve. I’m going to dedicate a day soon to CERITHS to make up for that.

christmas hibiscus and seashells

Dont forget to watch the Travel Channel on Sunday December 15, 2013 at 7pm to see all of this Xtreme fun!

UPDATE: The show aired TWO times… check out the photos…

shelling adventures trips by pam


Comments (13) 2012 parade sanibel

Happy 4th Of July! It was a beautiful day for the Junonia Jalopy to make an appearance in the Sanibel parade. And even more exciting was that our friends Susan (soul sister), Berringer, Jacob and Daron wanted to walk along side Clark and me in the Junonia Jalopy to show off their love for shelling too!

seashell costumes sanibel parade

So Susan and I had a blast making seashell costumes…

seashell costumes

We started by painting seashell designs on foam core board then cutting them out…

paint a junonia seashell costume

We made these to fit as a sandwich board type costume so we needed to make signs for the back side attached with ribbon (we found aqua ribbon with white stitching!) … so we made iLoveShelling signs and embellished them with a few shells of course…

shelling signs

We even found  aqua buckets to hold our shells that we handed out to the crowd. How cute are they!!

iloveshelling sanibel parade

 Since the theme was “Sanibel #1 Vacation Destination” from the Frommer’s rating in this year, we decided to remind everybody that Sanibel is #1 Shelling Destination too!

sanibel number 1 shelling destination

 Here are some other fantastic floats in the Sanibel parade like the Captiva Island Yacht Club float…

ciyc parade float

 Cip’s restaurant…

cips sanibel parade

 I loooove this float by Tammie’s Total Care!

tammie's total care sanibel

 Take a look at this huge castle on Congress Jewelers float…

congress jewelers sanibel parade

 Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum had their float sporting their Great Cowrie Roundup…

shell museum sanibel parade

Here’s Doc Ford’s float…

Doc Fords Sanibel parade

I wish I could have seen all of the floats because I heard there were so many creative ideas and lots of fun. Thank you Sharon from Cottages to Castles for sending me this photo of Susan walking the parade in her SAND DOLLAR costume… So cute!

susan sand dollar costume

We think we handed out around 700 shells this year. Now you know what we do with all of those shells we collect! Okay, did you notice something about the ALPHABET CONE Daron had on? Do you see letters?

seashell parade costume

 Thanks  Captain Brian for sending this last photo! Happy 4th!



Cutest Golf Cart Parade Ever

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iLoveShelling com golf cart parade

This is yet another reason why I love living in paradise. We dress up for the holidays in shorts and flip flops and decorate golf carts as our floats for the Christmas parade. It’s cute, quirky and very Captiva.

John (AKA Elvis) and Denice Beggs of Royal Shell Real Estate celebrated with a “Blue Christmas”…

Beggs Realtors blue Christmas CHV

These gals were the fan favorites in their Naughty and Nice Pink Flamingo golf cart…

Naughty Nice Pink Flamingos CHV

Can you believe there is a golf cart inside Kingfisher Vacations‘ Mighty Reindeer?

Kingfisher vacations CHV golf cart

Look how adorable!

Bubble Room CHV parade

VIP Real Estate turned their whole golf cart into Santa himself…

VIP Realty CHV Christmas golf cart

Did you know that Rudolph The Red Nose Flamingo lives in Captiva?

Captiva resident golf cart CHV

…or did you know that snow flakes could get this big on Captiva?

Captiva residents CHV

I’m sure its no surprise there are mermaids on Captiva…

Swimtastics Captiva

And Elves!

South Seas Golf cart parade elf

Captiva Kayak Company was one of the big winners of the best float. Cute!

Captiva Kayak company golf cart parade

For me, one of  the best parts of the parade was before it even started. As we pulled the Junonia Jalopy into the lineup, we met iLoveShelling buddies Diane and Steve from Connecticut. It was so nice to meet yall! Hope you find lots of treasure this week.

Diane Steve love shelling CHV cart

The oh-so-cute Raccoon Captiva Critter Christmas float was on the move…

American Realty Captiva parade CHV

Les Pendleton of American Realty Of Captiva (they made the Raccoon float above!) filmed the whole parade. So you get to see it too! Happy Holidays from the Captiva Holiday Village Golf Cart Parade, thanks to Les!

YouTube Preview Image

While we were having all this fun at the parade, Donnie Benton was busy shelling Blind Pass and this is what he found.

donnie benton alphabet

Nice, huh? But look at this SCOTCH BONNET!

Donnie Benton scotch bonnet

And he found this freakish FIGHTING CONCH. Very cool.

Donnie Benton freak conch

Over on West Gulf Drive, Gail and Alicia found a MacDaddy 12 inch HORSE CONCH. And it was Gail’s birthday…that’s a great birthday gift from the sea! What a weekend.

Gail 12 inch horse conch sanibel

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