seashell tattoo Ashley

Do you love shelling? Ashley loves shelling so much she wants to always be able to look down at her feet to see shells any time of day … wherever she is. So she has seashells tattooed on her foot.  I love that! I especially love that because she is the daughter of one of my long time friends from high school, Laura. Laura, Miyuki, Ashley and Ashley’s bestie Ashlyn came to Sanibel for a visit. So of course, we went shelling. There’s nothing better than catching up with friends from the old neighborhood in Virginia while walking the beach in Florida.

Laura, miyuki, ahsley ashlyn sanibel shellers

They couldn’t get over all of the live and empty shells at GulfSide City Park (for a map CLICK HERE) that are still there.

conch shells sanibel beach

Not only did they find shells, Ashlyn and Ashley found so many cool pieces of DRIFTWOOD. Ashley’s looks like a dragon head, right?

Ashlyn Ashley Sanibel drift wood

I know yall are gonna think I’m crazy but I was thrilled when Ashlyn picked up this cool dried out fish head (Gar, maybe?) with all of his teeth in tact then gave it to me. haha I love the weird BEACH BLING! Thanks Ash!

fish head all teeth

 Just like I showed you in February, Miyuki is still taking photos…

miyuki photos seashells birds sanibel

Thank you Laura and Miyuki for the blast from the past!

Laura and Miyuki sanibel florida

Okay, I’ve got to change the subject just for a sec…. because….

The new 2013 iLoveShelling Calendar is here!!

Waahhooo!!2013 iLS calendar

It’s chock full of your favorite photos and memories of shelling on Sanibel so each day you can see and reminisce about your favorite beach. It even has a QR code on each calendar month so you can scan it with a smart phone to take you to the iLoveShelling post to read the story about the photo. Don’t know about QR codes? If you have a smart phone or iPad, go to the app store and download a QR code reader (I use RedLaser) for free. Then scan away! It’s so much fun!

It’s just in time for Holiday gift giving! To see and buy… CLICK HERE 

jan 2013 cal blog pic