seashells in basket

I’ve been a little distracted lately….I bought a new Nikon J1 camera and there’s a huge learning curve to get easy, clear photos. For me, it’s hugely expensive but I’ve been wanting to do some posts with crisp detailed photos of some of our amazing shells. I’ve also gotten requests to show photos of how we display our shells in our home. I’ve just never liked how my photos in my house turn out so I “shelled” out a few bucks for the J1 that has a regular lens and also a zoom lens. I’m so nervous to buy a new expensive camera since I’m so …ummmm…. “un-dainty”….especially on the beach. The jury isn’t out whether I’m going to keep it or not so I can’t take it to the beach yet so these are the best ones for practice. Our kitty Dustie wanted to be a model!

dustie seashells

Awwww. Of course Smittie wanted to pose too…

smittie seashell displays

A little over an hour ago, I saw one of the SCREECH OWLS peeking out from a hole in our palm tree next to our porch. They just made this their home a few months ago. So cute! I grabbed my new camera and changed the lens to the zoom lens. My first practice shot outside! I could never capture him with my Panasonic DMC-ZS6 because he would fly away or duck back inside the tree so I can’t compare the photos yet. Wow, I’m happy with this shot! Can you believe we get to see this guy and his girlfriend most evenings on our porch?

screech owl our tree

I’m also getting close to cracking the case of the aqua concrete blocks that have been uncovered at the Lighthouse Beach that I showed you on my last post. Those are pieces of a cottage that was torn down over 40 years ago. I’ll have details on my next post! (this next photo taken with my old camera)

concrete sanibel lighthouse

PS- I’ll let you know what happens with the J1 but right now, if I can’t get more than five photos to turn out in two days, it’s going back to Costco.

seashells on table