common sanibel seashells

 A relaxing walk on the beach with Clark this evening at the lighthouse end of Sanibel was exactly what I needed this evening. I was happy just to find the most common of shells like KITTENS PAWS, ARKS, SCALLOPS, COCKLES, SLIPPERS, JEWEL BOXES, CROSS BARRED VENUS and COQUINAS.

common bivalve shells sanibel

The island is finally slowing down so I can finally get back to taking a quiet, casual stroll on the beach so I could look through the minis.

small sparse dove shell

 I found three SPARSE DOVE shells…

3 sparse dove seashells

 I even got a little giggle along the way after I found the funniest little half eaten pacifier washed up in the beach bling. I decided to keep it to add a little color in the odds and ends jar instead of throw it away.

pacifier on beach

 The lighthouse beach looked a little more eroded exposing large chunks of brick and concrete along side the those concrete slabs we’ve sent through the years. I’m going to do some research to hopefully find out where these aqua colored pieces came from. If you have any idea, please let us know!

sanibel light turquoise

 I needed a little peace and quiet this evening because I didn’t get much sleep last night. I had a very exciting early morning adventure starting at 4 am. Nope, not shelling. I went to the first annual Immokalee Hot Air Balloon Festival which started at 6am. It was awwwesooome! It was too windy for the balloons to launch but to see dozens of brilliant balloons bunched together on the ground in Southwest Florida was so thrilling. It was well worth that 4am wake up call. I can’t wait for next year!

immokalee hot air balloons

hot air balloons