rob viewing box

Most shellers get really creative after they find lots of shells by making seashell encrusted frames, wreaths, jewelry and such. Not Rob. He got very creative before he headed out to his favorite shelling hole at Blind Pass to find his seashell treasures. He fixed up this old box with a plexiglass bottom to float along the top of the water so he can have a better view of the sea bottom. Voila! The Viewing Box….

seashell viewing box

It’s like having a big snorkelers’s mask on without getting your face wet….or having a mini glass bottom boat. And no need for a shell bag! He has a leash tied on his wrist that is attached to the box so a wave doesn’t take it away and so he can have  hands free shelling while he tosses his treasures in the box. It’s even got a handle on the side so he can pick it up like a briefcase without anything falling out. Genius!  Just another day at work for Rob picking up shells at Blind Pass. Ha!

viewing box close