seashells and rocks captiva island

I thought the 2 week old huge shell pile  at Blind Pass would be completely picked over by now. I was so wrong! The minute I walked on the beach, I saw Mike find this awesome SHARK’S EYE…

Mike sharks eye seashell captiva

sharks eye captiva beach

His mom Holly found some FLAT SCALLOPS!

flat scallops foudn captiva

This whole Illinois family was there to bask in the shell glory. From left to right is Suzanne, Matthew, Holly, Mike and Isaac…

family on beach seashells

 I was so curious to look in their shell bags so I figured you would like it too…

collecting seashells bags

found shells captiva

We met another very happy sheller from Illinois and her name happens to be Suzanne too. It’s a small world on a shell pile.

suzanne captiva beach shells

 Yep, I got a photo of her shell bag too! She found TURBANS, a NUTMEG and The Sanibel Six

suzanne shell bag captiva

 Every aqua wave brought in another treasure.

aqua water seashells captiva

 I ran over to the Sanibel side of Blind Pass to see a family scouring the sand bar in search of goodies. They found a few FIGHTING CONCHS and bits and pieces of larger shells but the shore line is lined with KITTENS PAWS, AUGERS, CERITHS  and more.

sanibel sand bar shelling

As you can see, the shelling is fabulous at Blind Pass for the weekend but I have a fun reminder. This might be the weekend that CBS Sunday Morning might air the segment by correspondent Bill Geist as he visited Sanibel for the 75th Sanibel Shell Fair and Show. So set your Tivos or DVRs to CBS from 9am to 10:30. You just might see Leroy or me or some of your other favorite shellers and of course Sanibel! I’m keeping my fingers crossed it’s on!

UPDATE: I just received an official email today…  “We just heard that the shell story has been pushed back from its original March 18th air date.  The CBS producer is hoping the segment will air in early April.  She promises to give us a heads up once a date is confirmed …….”

Well darn. I’ll keep you posted as well when I hear something else.

collecting seashells gulf of mexico