Bobbi and James Cordy judges special award blue ribbon

Oh My! This Amoria grayi kawamurai (are you impressed I called it by the Latin name?) trawled in deep water off Thevenard Island, Western Australia was awarded the Judges Special Award ribbon at the Sanibel Shell Show entered by Bobbi and James Cordy. I am overwhelmed to see so many fascinating specimens from all over the world… one right after another…. so I will show a few of my favorite Blue Ribbon and Special Award exhibits in the Scientific Division today.

Since I pictured this Pterynotus bednalli exhibited by Dick Willis in yesterday’s post, it’s obviously one of my faves. I hear it might be the world record in size as well. I don’t have the exact measurements but just guestamating, I think it’s about 4 1/2 inches or so. It is gorgeous!

Dick Willis Pterynotus bednalli Australia Broome reef

 I wish I could talk to all of the exhibitors but especially Evelyn Spencer about this Blue Ribbon FIGHTING CONCH (Strombus Alatus) she found on Sanibel.

Evelyn Spencer blue ribbon

 I also love this Blue Ribbon WENTLETRAP exhibit by Harold and Marguerite Pilcher.

Wentletraps by Harold Marguerite Pilcher

 There are boxes and boxes of shells from different habitats in this Blue Ribbon Florida/Caribbean Treasure exhibit by Carol and Earl Petrikin. So interesting!

Carol Earl Petrikin florida Caribbean treasures sand
Petrikin shell exhibit sand
Petrikin seashell mud habitat
Rocky habitat petrikin

Albino shells are in the category of Unusual Variants (Freaks!). This is an ALBINO FIGHTING CONCH Blue Ribbon winner by Gary and Barbara Murza in that category.

Gary Barbara Murza albino shell blue ribbon

I opened yesterday’s post with the photograph of Ann Joffe’s Blue Ribbon exhibit of 75 Wonderful Years.

Ann Joffe with her 75 years exhibit

To tell you a little about it, you have to read her words to explain her piece. It is very heart warming and such a beautiful tribute to those that have touched and taught us about the shelling world…

Ann Joffe tribute to 75 years of Shell Show
Joffe exhibit shell show 2012
ann joffe tribute to shell scientific division
R Tucker Abbott joffe exhibit

My head is swimming with seashell over-stimulation! They all are amazing, right?  Well so is meeting more Shelling Sistahs and Bros! Y’all make my day soooo happy to share this excitement! Here’s Lynn and Ann…

Lynn, Ann shell fair

And Jan and Bill. Jan was filmed by CBS too! We had such a fantastic time sharing that memory together. Thanks Jan!

Jan Bill Cayo Costa

Up next- the Artistic Division! Don’t worry, I’ll try to post more pics of this Scientific Division later too! So stay tuned!