bird blizzard sky

It’s snowing on Sanibel! Well…. maybe not that typical cold stuff but it sure looks like a snow blizzard to me.

white bird blue blizzard

It was like the movie “The Birds” for a minute or two while SS Kelly, her daughter Brianne and I were walking the beach when billions of birds crowded the beach. Brianne took the first brave steps to clear the path…

Brianne birds

They weren’t afraid of anybody, they were hanging out on the beach just like we were…waiting for some shell action.

bird blizzard

Then Kelly caught one! LOL No, no, no… Just kidding. She was getting out her video camera so I took a picture of her. That SANDWICH TERN looks like it is in her hand!

Kelly with birds

 Take a look at the very cool video Kelly took of these “Snow Birds”…

Sanibel Sandwich Tern