Blind Pass Captiva Shell pile 122911

 Ahhhhh. The shell pile is back again at Blind Pass Captiva.

Captiva Florida gulf seashells

In less than 5 minutes, here’s what I found….

Collecting captiva seashells

This is what shellers’ dreams are made of.

digging in shell piles Florida

 Sittin’ N Siftin’…

Captiva Shellers

 Finding treasures…

shell bag collection captiva florida

 I also have to point out that crazy cloud in this next photo. It was one big streak that stretched all the way across the sky. No other clouds… just that big tube cloud. My friend Ellen called me and left a message on my phone a few minutes later “Did you see that big crazy cloud in the sky?”.

strange cloud over shellers

I found everything but a CONE to make my Sanibel Six.

bank of seashells Captiva Florida December

 Just to have the shell pile back was good enough for me. Oh how i Love Shelling!