boy with golden sunset

 As the sun was setting near Gulf Side City Park, I witnessed a boy witnessing the golden beams of the sun reflecting on the water.

boy sanibel island sunset

….while watching his dad watch this wonder of his son through the lens of his camera. I just love a photo of someone taking a photo…. a captured memory. This was a memory for Dave (the dad) and Joshua from Toronto.

Dad photograph son Sanibel sunset

Look who I ran into again! Diane and Steve from the golf cart parade

Diane Steve couple sanibel seashells bucket

They were filling their bucket with the Sanibel Six… plus a few more

Sanibel six seashells aqua bucket

I met Jan from Pittsburg who had a great shell bag. It’s a small aqua mesh bag with an outside pocket, a drawstring and a strap on the side. It’s from Bailey’s Grocery! I think I’ll have to go one too.

Sanibel sheller with Baileys bag

 I didn’t see any big shell piles but I found these cute shells that somebody gathered then left for the pickins.

pile of shell sanibel