constricted macoma

When I am shelling on the beach, the rest of the world melts away. My breathing gets easier because my body loosens up and my whole outlook widens. To think of anything that is constricted about shelling seems like an oxymoron to me. Constricting and shelling are contradictory words! That’s why I was surprised to find this CONSTRICTED MACOMA mixed in with oodles of ALTERNATE TELLINS around West Gulf Dr.

contricted macoma front

This one looked so different because it looked like the sun melted one side of it. I couldn’t find a match in any of my books to identify it but MurexKen assures me it is the CONSTRICTED MACOMA. I wonder what it is so constricted about? I would have called it the MELTED MACOMA or MELTY TELLIN…  but who asked me, right?

constricted macoma bend

 Quit constricting, MACOMA!

constricted macoma interior

Relax like some of your other relatives, the ALTERNATE TELLINS…

alternate tellins

 …and like some of my buddies when we get together to enjoy just hanging out on the beach and shelling…

girlfriends shelling

Nancy, Sarah, Jodi, Toni, Di, Ellen and Me

Toni had a theme going… KITTEN’S PAWS in a kitten’s paw bag.

kittens paws in a paw bag

girlfriends scatterd shelling

Di Ellen shelling