rock the horizon

The beach on Honeymoon Island State Park is filled with rocks all along the gulf side until you reach mid island so it was fun for us to see such a different landscape meeting the water. I was especially thrilled to see creativity at it’s best! Anthony from Oldsmar, Florida designed this beautiful piece of beach art that I have named (because of the first photo) “Rock The Horizon”.

Anthony rock art oldsmar

We also found more cool rocks….. fossil AGATIZED CORAL GEODES which are Florida’s state stone (who knew we had a state stone?).

geode rocks Honeymoon Island Florida

These stones are around 25 million years old and the Tampa Bay, Florida area is rich with them.

found agatized coral on beach

 Similar to finding shellers on Sanibel, I found a rocker on Honeymoon. Rebecca from Clearwater comes out to the island on the weekends looking for GEODES.

Rebecca agatized coral geode

 Look at this one she found. I’m starting to understand why these are so fun to collect….

agatized coral geode

This is the tip of a rock that I found embedded with lots of tiny crystals.  Romans thought AGATIZED CORAL to have great healing powers.

agaitzed coral crystals geode

 Look at all of these gorgeous patterns and colors.

sandwiched agaized coral geode

agatized coral nodule geode Florida

geode Honeymoon Island Florida

Florida geode agatized coral black

Florida geode agatized coral nodule

 Along with the TURBANS and SHIVA SHELLS I showed you on Road Trip To Honeymoon Island- Part 1, we also found a nice variety of shells along with the rocks. Can you identify most of these shells? (click on the photo to enlarge)

florida west coast seashells

And you know I loved finding my minis…

miniature Florida west coast seashells

Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of “Road Trip To Honeymoon Island- Part 3” coming to your computer screen soon. ;) heehee

Oh and BTW, I got a photo from our friends Dick and Mary who were shelling off West Gulf Drive beach access #7 yesterday. This is great news for good shelling this week.

dicks Shell 8-22-11-1

Dicks Shells 8-22-11-1 copy