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Collecting seashells on the beaches of Sanibel, Captiva and the world

Cone Queen, Sanibel Seeker and Golfer Of The Sea

Wendy Alphabet cones Sanibel 7

All eleven of these ALPHABET CONES were found within four days of shelling this week along Sanibel’s West Gulf Drive by Wendy from West Palm Beach, FL. Talk about an eye for shelling! And she even found another one that wasn’t in that bunch. I’d say she is the CONE QUEEN.

Wendy alphabet cone


wendy cones and moons

But even when she isn’t lucky enough to find all of these CONE shells, she is still having fun picking up other shells with her friends to use as embellishments. Love this- they strung these shells around her straw hat. So cute!

Wendy seashell hat

Yes, that hat is awfully cute, but these hats just stole my heart! LaDonna, Carla and Belinda were all sporting their iLoveShelling caps when I saw them on the same beach. Weehooo! Shelling Sistahs!

Lighted shelling sister caps

We had the best time chatting it up when I spotted something pretty nice in Shelling Sistah Carla’s shell bag (you might recognize her name from her comments- Carla Knotts!). She found an excellent LIGHTNING WHELK.

Carla lightning whelk sanibel

She said she was happy they were already finding lots of shells but even happier just be on Sanibel. It holds a special place in her heart and I could see she wanted to capture every second on that beach and never let it go. She’s not just a shell seeker but a Sanibel seeker.

beach combers sanibel 7

Then I ran into our local friends Dick and Mary…..

mary and dick sanibel

They look like they have golf clubs, don’t they? Belinda said Dick looked like he was the “Golfer of the Sea”. It would be appropriate since Clark plays golf with him every Sunday and both admitted they were better shellers than golfers.

Golfer of the sea

The Golfer of the Sea found a pretty nice SHARK’S EYE….

Dick's shark's eye

I was tickled when they introduced me to Ernest Hemingway! Errrr, well, he looks like Papa anyway….. and has even won a look-a-like contest in Key West.

Hemingway look a like

Tom, Linda, Dick and Mary

It was an amazing day yesterday off beach access #7 to find so many shells but the best thing was to meet many new friends and to see a few old ones too (and I dont mean in age! LOL).

fighting conch family

Fighting Conchs


Red True Tulip Sanibel 7

Red True Tulip

sun in aqua sky



  1. I canNOT wait to get there. One week from today, and we are staying on West Gulf this time. Save some shells for me :o)!!!

  2. Oh Baby, I want to be a Cone Queen, it is my highest aspiration — I wonder if I could study at her feet??! What a wonderful, wonderful haul!

    • Hi Gail!

      I think I had lady luck with me this time, after many years of patience, shelling “practice” and persistence!

      FYI – Shelling Sistah Carol pictured above found a Junonia this morning — my highest aspiration yet to achieve…. just means more trips to the beach to practice!!

      Oh, and a shout out to my friend, Christine, who gets all the credit for my shell adorned hat! Great meeting you, Pam!!

  3. I was on Sanibel the week of the 4th and my soul aspire was to find an alphabet cone. I found 3!! What letters are on all those cones?

  4. Great finds-have a good day.

  5. What a haul!! Nice cones! I liked the shell hat too. Next year when I come down I need to get one of your lighted shelling caps. I was wearing my iloveshelling tee shirt yesterday and thought of you! Have a happy day.

  6. All those Alphabet Cones are amazing!!!!! I am sooooo jealous. They are gorgeous
    Congrats to Wendy! Love the little red Tulip too! Looks like everyone is having fun…wish I could be there too. Happy Shelling Everyone!

  7. Pam, this is a friend of Carla’s and she wanted you to know she found a beautiful junonia shell Wednesday morning. She would love for you to see it before she leaves the island.

  8. Hi all. Your finds are amazing!!!
    We have been staying at Sundial on West Gulf Drive since Friday and haven’t found all that much really. (Some nutmegs, Juvenile Conches, Florida Cones, turbans, gaudy naticas, etc.) BUT, they have been few and far between. What part of West Gulf Drive are you finding all these shells? We’re leaving Saturday and won’t be back til January!!! Please help us!!!!

  9. I love the red true tulip pic. Your little piece of the country looks just so beautiful and relaxing and inviting!…

  10. Way to go Wendy! Glad to see a fellow Queen get crowned! :-)
    Love the hat and why am I not surprised that Christine had a hand in that?????

    • It was totally Christine’s idea! She’s very crafty and a shell goddess in her own right!

  11. Hi! Just found your site by Googling Captiva Shells! ;^) What a glorious life you lead amid the shells! ;^)
    I will be there next week with my family…hope to see you while shelling. ;^) It is the part of the trip that I’m looking forward to the most!

  12. What a bounty everyone found! I love all your photos of friends, new & old. Everyone is so happy and tan :O)

    Thanks for the lovely break in my day – it’s cool and dreary on the Washington coast today so these pics really picked me up!!

    Big hugs,

  13. what great finds! I made my arrangements to come back today and I am so excited and happy!! It’s not until Oct 9th..:( but I am coming back!! Yay.
    I think I will be there the same times as you. We arrive on the 9th and leave on the 15th. (a little shorter than I wanted – but had to accomodate my brother)
    we will be staying at Ocean’s Reach again.
    Hope to see some of you “shelling sistahs” on the beach. I know how to recognize you….and hope to meet the fabulous Pam who has brought us all together through our love of Sanibel. Because even though I am a shell seeker -I am like shelling sis Carla – I am a Sanibel Seeker.
    Dreams do come true….wonder if I’ll see the aqua shirts dryng on the banisters?
    I know…I’m writing a book but I’m just so darn happey!! :)

  14. What great finds!!! I especially like the red tulip true tulip. I’m so envious of your lifestyle!!! Your news updates always put a smile on my face.

  15. A wonderful week of shelling, indeed.
    And, as we all know, anyone we talk to on a beach becomes fast friends! It’s the best.

  16. Y’all are so nice. It makes me sick!! I want to be there, and I want them to be mine!!! I love all the cones, and I’ve always loved nauticas. They have always been rather elusive to me. I never find more than one or two a trip. Just kidding, of course. Wonderful shelling to all. My heart is there.

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