inside blue shell bucket

 Mary drove south 2 hours to Sanibel for some good R & R combined with a little beach combing to sweeten the pot for her vacation. I don’t think she was disappointed with anything after talking to her then looking at the shells she found in her blue bucket.

Mary florida shell bucket

Did you spot that big SHARK’S EYE in her bucket? Take a look at this beauty!

Sharks Eye shell

We were shelling in between sand bars just west of Fulgur St. at sunset when the tide was going out. I wasn’t disappointed with my finds either… especially since I “found” my buddy Karen (aka Kaybe from TheEssentialBeachcomber) and her friend Lil Shawty (aka Janet) with her blue bucket filling up too…

Lil Shawty Kaybe shelling on Sanibel

 Here are a few of our other finds (see that ALPHY I found? It cleaned up so pretty!)…

seashells on the beach

 As I was taking this photo, the skies were growing black, the temperature dropped, everything was starting to get a yellowish tint and I looked up to see a storm heading right for us. We picked up the pace and headed for the car. Run, Forrest, run!

sanibel stormy sky

 PS- We didn’t get one drop of rain from that big black cloud on our end of the island.

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