Blind Pass Rocks Captiva

I love to give my favorite things pet names. I have silly names for my kitties (Dust Ball and Blackie), hundreds of silly names for Clark (I’ll stick with “Super Sheller” for my blog- ha) and we even have a pet name for Blind Pass which is Blind Pat’s (click HERE for the story).

Beach Blind Pass inside

After all day of rain and 18 mph north west winds yesterday, I asked Clark if he wanted to head to Blind Pat’s. Of course! We didn’t find much on the Sanibel side so we walked over  the bridge to find more shells…. and an awesome family. When I asked their names they all laughed. They were cracking up! Did I miss something? Then they told me (through their laughter) when they take a beach vacation, they always give each other beach pet names. So cute! I love that! Let me introduce you to Beachy, Tide, Cocoa and Aqua….

Beachy, Tide, Aqua, Cocoa

Beachy, Tide, Cocoa, Aqua

Beachy (aka-Maria) found that huge WORM SHELL along with lots of other goodies. Tide (aka-Dan) had a whole bag filled with treasures and is holding up a TULIP. Cocoa (aka-Debby) is holding up a FIGHTING CONCH and a MUREX and Aqua (aka-Maddy) found a SCOTCH BONNET (!) at the same spot on Wednesday and is holding up a TULIP and WHELK. Aqua also found this candy corn (my pet name for the HORSE CONCH).

Candy corn horse conch

I stopped by Blind Pat’s again today but didn’t see much yet in the way of new shells and I didn’t see Tide’s family either. BTW- don’t you think they ought to add “Tide” to the baby name book? This could be the new trend!

Blind Pass Captiva

PS-  I might have to borrow that beach name “Aqua” for my next vacation!