3 palms sunset

We used to have a draw bridge on the Sanibel causeway that backed up traffic for miles in season coming on the island and going off island. It had charm but charm wears thin when you miss your flight or sit in gridlock for hours. Now with our “new” causeway that opened in September 2007, we rarely have backed up traffic and the view is so fantastic with the high span bridge and so many nice areas to pull over.

Sunset on Sanibel causeway

I snapped these photos coming back from “town” (Ft Myers) a few days ago and was so happy to catch the sunset while on the causeway. Clark was paying attention to driving the car so I got to enjoy the view while I just held my camera out the window and snapped away. This causeway means so many things to different people and for many…. it feels like the gateway to paradise.

boat in Sanibel sunset

I love this causeway. My friend Lisa and I were so excited about the having the new high span bridge, we were the third car to go over it for the causeway grand opening. Ha Ha. I know, we are goofballs….but it sure was fun.

2 palms with orange sunset


I suggest if you are coming on the causeway any time around sunset, you should pull over on one of the 2 causeway islands so your driver can enjoy the view too. It’s only fair.

Sanibel causeway