Captiva shell beach

Blind Pass from Captiva looking towards Sanibel

Yesterday evening at around 6:30 pm was a nice negative low tide at  Blind Pass of -0.2 . Look at all the people shelling on the sand bars all the way across the pass. Of course since Clark has found 2 JUNONIAS in the last couple of weeks (mind you, they aren’t perfect by far- I’m not complaining, just stating facts- ……I sound jealous, don’t I? grrrr- but if you really want to see them click HERE and HERE) I figured there’s no way I’d find one too but there’s always something else interesting to find out there.

cone shell sanibel

No, I didn’t find one of those little JUNONIA buggers (I’m still sounding jealous, aren’t I.) but I was happy to find this sweet FLORIDA CONE right off the bat. I was especially happy when I found this cute family from North Carolina who found over 25 SAND DOLLARS! Lisa Marie called them the SAND DOLLAR whisperers.

Kim, Hannah and Abby with sand dollars

Kim, Hannah and Abby with sand dollars

Sanibel sand dollars

Abby's sand dollars

Speaking of  shelling sistah Lisa Marie, here she is with her son Jeff having a great time filling their shell bags with all sorts of goodies…

Jeff Lisa Marie Sanibel seashells

Jeff and Lisa Marie (NJ)

Jeff found the prettiest LACE MUREX  I’ve seen in a long time….

Jeff lace murex sanibel

I met a family from Brasil so excited to see live OLIVES and CONCHS but even happier to find empty shells to pluck in their shell bags.

Marisole Renan Enzo Sanibel seashells

Marisol, Renan and Enzo

Okay, I guess I have to fess up now……. YES! I am a little jealous of Clark’s JUNONIA finding ability. The man’s got the pattern down to find those stupid stinkin’ elusive SCHMANONIAS (yes, I made that word up). Would you believe me if I told you he found another one last night? I probably wouldn’t if I didn’t see it with my own eyes. But, he did. He found it on the Sanibel side down on the edge of the surf way passed the sand bar that sticks out almost to that huge house on the beach. And it’s in so much better shape than last week’s shell.

clark rambo shells

Really, I still can’t believe it and it’s just getting weird now. LOL  Like Julie commented last weekend “Ok, now he’s just showing off! But we love him anyway.” Ha! Look at his face in this picture, he even looks a little embarrassed- like he’s hoping nobody will “booo” him.

junonia kings crown sanibel seashells

Alright, I was green with envy but I can’t help but be happy for him now that I’ve gotten the jealousy off my chest. Another congrats to you Clark! This will only make it sweeter when I find my perfect VOLUTE.

mother and son shell collecting

low tide shelling