Sanibel east end

The tides have taken some of the sand that normally covers these slabs* at the lighthouse beach on Sanibel. We were so surprised to see those pieces of concrete showing so much and that we haven’t been finding bigger shells lately. So we search for minis. I did find a MAUVE-MOUTH DRILL along with some other cuties that you probably already know. Can you pick out the MUAVE MOUTH DRILL?

Sanibel seashells on a rock

If you couldn’t figure the others out, go to SEASHELL IDENTIFICATION but the one in the middle of this next picture is the MAUVE-MOUTH DRILL (I don’t have that on the I.D. page yet) ….

Mauve Mouth Drill

There were other mini collectors on the beach in between rain storms last night….

Sanibel shell scene

Eileen from Gainsville, FL was looking for NUTMEGS. Can you tell she like NUTMEGS? Hint- the beautiful bracelet!

Nutmeg seashells and Bracelet

I almost reached down to snag this little “candy” out of Dana’s (came down from Gainsville with Eileen) pile until I realized it was her stash ;)….

Shells on Sanibel beach

A few days ago, I met a few Shelling Sisters from Nova Scotia that I could have spent the whole day with. Clark and I had a wonderful trip to Nova Scotia in 2005 so I was able to reminisce and visualize all of the places they mentioned and was so intrigued with their rich Mi’kmaq culture.

Denise Colleen Mi'kmaq Sanibel

It was so much fun reminiscing about Nova Scotia, I remembered a photo I took of our shells we found on a little island south of Yarmouth… called Clark’s Harbour. haha Of course, right?

Nova Scotia shells

Even in 2005, I was taking pictures of our treasures.

Nova Scotia shelling Clark

Nova Scotia Seashells


* I’ve had a few people comment about those concrete slabs on the beach at the lighthouse since I posted these photos. There were a few other structures in the early 1900s that were washed away by storms. You can read about the Sanibel Lighthouse in these wonderful books…