Shellabration July 4th Sanibel

Everybody loves a parade.  And in Sanibel, everybody loves shells. So we don’t want to miss the Sanibel Shellabration 4th of July Parade with the theme of SHELLS (!) to honor the up coming 75th Annual Sanibel Shell Fair and Show in March. So we’re dusting off the Shell Mobile to share in the fun.

This is what our “float” looked like for the Captiva Holiday Village parade in December last year….

Captiva Christmas parade

Clark at the helm of the iLS Shell Mobile

So, of course, we’d like to make even more of a splash with a seashells in i Love Shelling style. So if you are in the area on July 4th and want to walk, ride a bike or ride in your own golf cart with us…come and join us!

blue fireworks

PS- I promise, I will get back to showing you some beach pictures and pics of a few dear shelling sisters I met as well. I just had to tell you what I’ve been up to….. getting ready for a parade!