Sanibel seashells

If you haven’t been finding shells lately, head down to Blind Pass Sanibel. There is a big “sit ‘n sift” shell pile but nobody was digging through it. There were lots of shellers around the sand bar….

Sanibel sand bar shells

There were shellers finding CONCHS and OLIVES in the water….

Sanibel Family in gulf water

Andria, Erica, Diane and Chuck (PA)

Shellers finding CONCHS and OLIVES snorkeling…..

Shellers snorkeling

Heather and George (GA)

A sheller finding WORM SHELLS and FIGHTING CONCHS along the shore (in a cute tee shirt!)….

Hermit crab in conch Brenden

Brenden (CO)

Whoa, wait! There’s a huge HERMIT CRAB  in the FIGHTING CONCH! That silly Crab needed to find a bigger shell because his claws were too dang big to get all the way back inside. Brenden put him back in the water to help him get on his way for some new house hunting.

Hermit crab in fighting conch

I saw shellers finding a few good shells here and there but nobody was sifting through those big shell piles. If you are a sit ‘n sift sheller and you are in the area, Blind Pass Sanibel might be the place to hang out for a few hours tomorrow.

seashell pile

I also have to tell you how touched (I mean REALLY touched) by all of your thoughtful comments on my Night Shelling Lighted Cap GiveAway post. I expected most comments would be like “enter me please!” or something like that. To read all of your sweet thoughts about this blog, your stories about shelling and your lives in general hit me deeply. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing.

iLoveShelling GiveAway

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